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Adama Italy dedicated a whole range of products to cultivation cereals for defense against weeds and major pathogens in order to obtain healthy, productive and profitable crops.

Herbicides: what and how to use them

When we talk about chemical weed control, we need to consider the problem of weeds resistors. Repeated use of preparations and therefore active substances with the same mechanism of action repeatedly eliminates susceptible plants in favor of resistant plants, which, by reproduction, expand populations tolerant to the treatment.

In comparison with the past grain campaign, the following should be noted:

  • increments of Lolium AND Avena sterilis resistant due to their high rusticity and adaptability;
  • large infestation Bromusespecially when sowing seeds and minimal tillage;
  • in dioecious, yearlings and two-year-olds, they are confirmed cruciferous and compound vegetables are widely distributedincluded Cirsium vulgare, Syllabium marianum and other wild thistles;
  • they are in the south contamination Chrysanthemum segetum AND Centaurea napifolia;
  • other widely distributed species remain: Papaver spp., Veronica spp., Fumaria officinalis, Gallium aparin AND Viola arvensis;
  • increase in cases of reduced sensitivity Lolium spp. AND Avena sterilis to Accasi and Als herbicides and among dicotyledons are notable Papaver spp. AND Sinapis arvensis to sulfonylureas.

It is economically beneficial one-time herbicide intervention (placed between budding and the beginning of emergence), intended for the simultaneous elimination of all weeds, grasses and dicotyledonous plants. Furthermore, Adama recommends, especially for soda, the recultivation of the seed bed with Typhoon® Mk Clunclassified formula based on glyphosatewithout polyethoxylated tallow amine co-formulant.

Herbicides recommended by Adama for controlling weeds on cereals are: Plugs® P, Timeline® Trio, Topic® 240 Ec, Elegant® 2 Fd AND Cleave®.

Plugs® P

For early pre- and post-emergence weeding Adama recommends Stopper herbicide® P in concentrated suspension. It has wide spectrum of effect and at the same time does not cause any problems with varietal selectivity. Plugs® P has excellent efficacy against veronicas, fumaria and viola and towards Poppy populations resistant to Alsand is ideal for administration resistant grasses as Alopecurus spp. AND Lolium spp..

Timeline® Trio

For post-emergence weeding here is Timeline® Trio formulated in an emulsifiable concentrate. It is a selective herbicide effective on the most important grass weeds of cereals and with a broad spectrum of control of dicotyledonous plants: it kills grass and broadleaf weeds in a single pass. It has high herbicidal efficiency with a rapid devitalizing effect on weeds. In addition, it does not require the addition of adjuvants or wetting agents as they are already present in the product. Complete mixture ready to use.

Topic® 240 Ec

Topic® 240 Ec is a graminicide formulated in an emulsifiable concentrate based clodinafop-propargyl, selective for soft wheat and durum wheat due to the presence of the agronomic antidote cloquintocet-mexyl. The product acts through leaf absorption and translocation into meristematic tissues, so it should be used post-emergence.

An advantageous product also because it shows compatible with most common dicotyledons used in cereals after emergency: if you want to complete the spectrum of effect, Topik® 240 Ec can be easily mixed with other dioecious products.

Elegant® 2 Fd

For post-emergence weeding there is Elegant® 2Fd in suspoemulsion. It is a broad-spectrum dicotyledonicide dual mechanism of action: the mixture with 2,4D allows it to act in sites of action different from Als, thereby reducing the phenomenon of resistance already established in poppy and mustard populations. Elegant too® 2Fd is suitable for both early applications thanks to florasulam, active at low and late temperatures, where the hormonal component shows its full potential.


It is an ideal product for post-emergence weedingespecially for killing the most difficult weeds such as Gallium aparin. It is formulated in a suspoemulsion and is perfect miscible with graminicides (Topic® 240 EC) AND dioecious which expand the spectrum of its action.

This time®Mirador® Turbo, Ceres® and Tiptor® Ultra. Fungicides from the Adama cereal range

Cereals are subject to numerous diseases caused mainly by mushrooms. In addition to affecting the amount of final production, these can also affect cereals from the point of view qualitativejust think about the problem mycotoxins.

The main fungal diseases affecting cereals are: leg pain complexL’they fall, septoria, fusarium disease and rust. Fungicides recommended by Adama to control these fungal diseases are: This time®, Mirador® Turbo, Ceres® AND Tiptor® Ultra.

This time®

Multi-site fungicide formulated in a concentrated suspension, specific for control wheat septoria complex. The innovative composition guarantees larger adhesion and washout resistanceas well as being perfectly miscible with other fungicides and insecticides authorized for wheat: an ideal partner for triazoles, strobilurins and Sdhi, with a proven synergistic effect.

Mirador® Turbo

It is a broad-spectrum fungicide formulated in a concentrated suspension that also has a greening effect for wheat, barley and triticale. Among the benefits of Mirador® Turbo stands out for its excellent long-lasting protection control over Fusarium and pathology of the main leaves and improving the physiological condition of the crop in favor of yields and grain quality.


Systemic and long-lasting fungicide in the form of a concentrated emulsion. It has excellent control efficiency fusarium disease (with drastic reducing the content of the Don), as well as septoriosis, rust, powdery mildew and helminthosporiosis. It does not cause any selectivity problems, even when used in mixtures with herbicides and/or other fungicides.

Tiptor® Ultra

A specific fungicide for the control of Fusarium head blight and other fungal diseases of durum and common wheat such as septoria, stagospora and brown rust. Also using Tiptor® Ultra lets you do that reduce the content of mycotoxins (Don) and increase quality and yieldseven in the absence of pathologies, as a result of improving the physiological aspects of the crop.

Insecticides against aphids and bedbugs

The harmful insects most feared by cereal growers are primarily stinging and sucking insects, therefore aphid (Rhopalosiphum padi, Sitobium avenae AND Metopolophium dirhodum) a bed bugs (Aelia rostrata AND Eurygaster maura).

The insecticides recommended in this case by Adama are: Mavrik® Smart, Pirimor® 50 AND Retreat®. For the purposes of correct and effective application, it is important to consider intervention threshold, the presence of predatory insects el’climate trend.

Mavrik® Smart

Insecticide based tau fluvalinate which, in addition to being highly effective against harmful insects with stinging and sucking apparatus, respects a large number of beneficial organisms. The new formulation is optimized for one better miscibility and greater wettability.

Pirimor® 50

Pirimor® 50 isaphid based pirimicarb. Very quickly acts only on aphids, respects useful entomofauna. In addition, own 3 different mechanisms of actionwhich makes it possible to minimize the risks of the onset of resistance phenomena.


It is protein hydrolyzate of plant origin, anti-stress with strong action biostimulant. It improves the qualitative properties of the grain (protein content and weight in liters), increases the assimilation and translocation of macro and micronutrients, increases the crop’s tolerance to abiotic stress (frost, long-term drought, possible phytotoxicity) and, last but not least, improves the overall physiological condition. crops due to the high content of free amino acids.


(Source: Adama Italy)

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