4 restaurants, Alessandro Borghese returns to television in a wonderful location

Where we can see 4 Ristoranti and Alessandra Borghese again after a very long break. The highly anticipated program is returning to TV.

4 Ristoranti and Alessandro Borghese return to TV on December 17
Chef Alessandro Borghese (Ricettasprint.it)

4 restaurants and Alessandro Borghese after a longer break that lasted more than a month, they are appearing on TV again. It’s Sunday 17th December at 9.15pm on Sky Uno as the celebrity chef returns to our home screens.

And this time 4 Ristoranti and Alessandro Borghese are leaving Italy to broadcast an episode from abroad. The culinary-themed program, which pits four restaurants (hence the name) against one another, will take place in France.

And to be precise, 4 Restaurants and Alessandro Borghese will go to lunch on the French Riviera, where there is no shortage of very Italian restaurants. Nothing changes with much fanfare for this comeback.

The format remains the same, the competition between venues competing with their respective restaurateurs, who will have to try to best the other in the now well-known categories. That is, the location, the proposed menu, the service and the bill. Except for a special dish or ingredient that is worth 5 bonus points.

4 restaurants and Alessandro Borghese, what a Christmas present

4 Ristoranti and Alessandro Borghese return to TV on December 17
Chef Alessandro Borghese (Ricettasprint.it)

And of course the opinion of chef Borghese will be binding, because more than once the final result of the competition has ended in failure. The locations that will be competing on the French Riviera in the December 17 episode are:

Villa Marina Salvatore;
From Tina 33;
Chez Vincent-Le Bord de Mer;
Restaurant Diva.

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Everyone will have to try the special dish from this episode, or seafood pasta. And this is the seventh episode of the 2023 TV season of 4 restaurants.

Formerly Chef Borghese was in Bassano del Grappa in the province of Vicenza, in some localities Umbria, Calabria, Ascoli Piceno Irpinia and finally Ravenna. The last episode was broadcast at the beginning of October.

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As for the prizes, the winner will receive a check worth five thousand and the installation of a modern anti-theft system. In addition, a vacuum packaging machine and a one-year insurance policy.

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