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Let’s discover 5 recipes for baked goods for Christmas, they are not the usual preparations, let’s bring something new to the table, Christmas will be more magical.

Today we are here to give you a little advice on how to make baked goods for Christmas. There are only a few days left until Christmas and we need to be clear about what to prepare.

5 Not-to-be-missed baked goods for Christmas, just use the usual recipes!
5 Not-to-be-missed baked goods for Christmas, just use the usual recipes! Print recipes

If in other years you have always prepared the usual cannelloni or lasagna with meat sauce, this year we thought we would suggest some simple and tasty recipes that will not disappoint anyone. Let’s look together at 5 recipes for baked pasta for Christmas!

Baked pastries for Christmas: 3 without meat!

Today we suggest you 5 recipes for baked pasta that you can prepare for Christmas, 3 are without meat and 2 with meat, choose what you like. A lot depends on what you decide to prepare for the main course and appetizer, if the courses are very rich, we can opt for baked pasta without meat.

Baked ravioli
Baked Ravioli Recipesprint

All that remains is to discover the recipes.

What about stringy baked puttanesca? A truly special first course that will definitely not disappoint you. It’s time to change the tune at the table, nobody thinks of eating baked puttanesca, a very unusual recipe. It is a simple dish, but at the same time a very special one that will definitely not disappoint you. Let’s look at the sprint recipe together, Click here.

THE Baked ravioli Have you ever made them before? Since I’ve been making them, they’ve all been delicious, I’ve given up lasagna. The recipe I propose is simple and above all quick, as you well know, the ravioli are cooked in a second, float to the surface and then drain and bake in the oven. Let’s look at the sprint recipe together, Click here and you won’t regret it!

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Finally, moving on to white baked pasta, how about making a 5 cheese baked pasta? Delicious, delicate and tasty, it will definitely not disappoint anyone. Instead of the usual dishes it will be a success, the addition of the fifth cheese is unique. Here’s a step-by-step recipe.

2 Baked pasta with meat!

Let’s go to the classic dish I cannelloni, but these have a unique filling, they are not filled with a meat sauce that requires a long cooking time, but this is how we proceed. First you have to cook the sauce with ground pork, then fill the cannelloni, but also add the buffalo mozzarella. Discover the full recipe.

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THE shells a must have that will make you look good at the table! I fill them with meat and mozzarella, I actually call them conchiglioni alla Sorrentina, I often prepare them for Sunday lunch and I must say they disappear from the plate. Click here for the full recipe.

Conchiglioni alla sorrentina Recipesprint
Conchiglioni alla sorrentina Recipesprint

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