7 reasons why Victoria Beckham Beauty Satin Kajal Liner is the eyeliner of your dreams

Beauty Victoria Beckham Kajal satin liner It’s an incurable holiday makeup obsession. In the version Gloss AND Jewel It is truly an invaluable item for all glitter makeup lovers. Oh yes, because this lightly shimmery, buttery, easy-to-use eyeliner is just what you need to solve all your makeup woes. It allows you to literally create a smoky eye makeup with thousands of sparkling lights in the blink of an eye and feel holiday-ready without any effort.

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The proof is in the detailed videos posted on the Instagram profile of Victoria Beckham Beauty, where the stroke of the pencil, which glides so easily on the lids, leaves a rich and luxurious color that conquers, makes you say “I want it” and makes you immediately click the button to buy.

Victoria Beckham Beauty Satin Kajal Liner in Shiny Cinnamon

Victoria Beckham Satin Kajal Liner in Jewel Golden Lamé

Victoria Beckham Beauty Satin Kajal Liner in Jewel Sequin Green

Now the pillar of beauty Satin Kajal Liner by Victoria Beckham Beauty it is the evolution of a product born back in 2017, when the former Posh Spice launched her first make-up collection with Estée Lauder, which later became an essential part of the make-up kits of the best make-up artists. But in the festive version, it is truly unbeatable.

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Its unwavering success has led to improved formulas that are now even more pigmented and easier to blend, with colors suitable for creating a beginner-friendly, sparkly look. It is not given as a gift, it costs 34 euros, nor is it easy to get because it is often out of stock, but if you want to invest in a kajal that will solve your makeup, and even your life, little, we give you seven reasons buy it. Oh, FYI, Victoria Beckham’s favorite color is shade Green sequin, a beautiful sparkling olive green. It’s hard to resist, check it out in this video!

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7 reasons to say yes to Victoria Beckham Beauty satin liners

  1. It is very easy to use as it is creamy like butter and allows you to modulate the intensity of the color by repeated application.
  2. It is soft and has a defined line, it can be used to draw a line inside and outside the lash line and all over the lid.
  3. It is a pure cosmetic product with natural ingredients that do not irritate the eyes, thanks to a mixture of chamomile extract, soothing vitamin E and panthenol.
  4. There is no right or wrong way to use it, one clean stroke can be enough or you can blend the color with your fingers or the nifty little blender on the opposite end of the pencil. In both cases, the look is luxurious and chic.
  5. It is long-lasting and waterproof, a guarantee that the make-up will not betray even in the “wettest” situations.
  6. It has a range of colors that will drive you crazy, from the latest product Sparkling cinnamonfavorite of Victoria Beckham Shimmering olive AND Seaquin Greento the most valuable Golden Lamé collections Jewel, making the look actually sparkle like a jewel. Get ready for a Christmas present for those who follow you!
  7. Smokey eye makeup will have no secrets for you once you try it.

And so the nostalgic smokey eyes of the 90s, which Victoria showed off in the Netflix series “Beckham”, with this kajal pencil, will become your favorite makeup not only for Christmas and New Year, but all year round and you will live happily ever after, made up and content.

Oh, in case you can’t find it, we offer you some alternatives, more or less economical.

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Get ready to shine, it’s time to experiment with color. «Satin Kajal Liner (or other shimmery kajal, editor’s note) can be used in endless ways: along the lash line, in the inner waterline, you can create a wing or blend it. They are highly pigmented, soft and creamy,” advises Victoria Beckham.

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