A new anti-cholesterol drug should only be taken twice a year

What do we know about the new anti-cholesterol drug, the administration of which is limited to only once every six months. It is worth it?

New anti-cholesterol drug, how Inclisiran works
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A new anticholesterol drugits introduction dates back several months, with official ratificationAIFA – Italian Medicines Agency – regarding the launch of the same in our domestic market.

This product is available to anyone with primary hypercholesterolemia or mixed dyslipidemia and is fully reimbursable. Its administration requires a certified healthcare professional and consists of two injections.

Two injections that only need to be done once every six months, for a total of two per year. The new anti-cholesterol drug is called Inclisiran and so far it is only available in Lazio, Puglia, Campania and Lombardy.

Each injection costs more than 4,600 euros, but the good news is that everything is fully covered by the National Health Service. At the beginning, after the first injection, the second one must be vaccinated after ninety days, then it starts cycle of one half-yearly meeting at a time.

A New Cholesterol Drug That Costs

New anti-cholesterol drug, how Inclisiran works
Inclisiran (Ricettasprint.it)

Inclisiran it has been shown to be really effective in eradicating bad cholesterol that can lead to bad diseases like atherosclerosis and various vascular problems.

The pharmaceutical cause that produces this new anti-cholesterol drug is Novartis, a Swiss company in this industry which also has an Italian branch.

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She said she was pleased with the goals achieved in this area with Inclisiran, which is the result studies lasting at least thirty years.

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It is, of course, required for the administration of this pharmaceutical product a prescription from a general practitioner. We must always be careful, as we have seen, the price is quite unbearable.

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But we also reiterate that every injection of Inclisiran must still be delegated to the NHS. Meanwhile, this drug has been widespread in the United States for a year and has contributed to the reduction of bad cholesterol cases by very good percentages.

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