A2 basketball, RivieraBanca bruised and Johnson out immediately: no escape against Trieste (62-81)

After the last appearance on November 1st, we return to Flaminio for the match where Rivierabanca hosts Pallacanestro Trieste. The field factor is not enough in Rimini to regain the momentum for victory, Trieste passes with a result of 62-81.

So the starting quintet: coach Dell’Agnello with Marks, Anumba, Grande, Johnson and Simioni. Guests with Reyes, Deangeli, Ruzzier, Brooks and Candussi. In the 4th minute of the first half of the game, the American Justin Johnson from Rimini left the field on a stretcher after a collision in which he suffered a blow to the head. Due to a head injury with a negative CT scan and all normal tests, he will be in the hospital overnight for preventive observation. As a result, the match was suspended for approximately twenty minutes.

The shooting percentages from two and three points (both 34%) were lethal for the Romagna team and a total of 9 rebounds were awarded to the Trieste team. American Brooks leads the way, with 24 points in total, 22 of which came in the first half. The presence of 3,000 spectators at Flaminio is worth mentioning.

Candussi opens the ball from the arc, countered by Marks (3-3 at 1′) and Simioni, who also join the battle from the arc. Reyes is solid from the line (6-5 on 3′). Anumba is explosive in penetration (8-5 on 4′), but on the other side Trieste runs into Brooks (8-8 on 4′). Filloy, a veteran of the match, claiming the first two personal points for the visitors, going 2/2 from the line. Anumba attacks and attacks the winning margin with an extra free throw (13-12 at 6′). Vildera and Brooks from behind 6.75 opened a 5-0 run for the Trieste team (13-17 in 7′), closed by Tomassini from the charity stripe (15-17 in 8′). Brooks brings the visitors back to +4 with a first quarter full of flames. Concrete Masciadri, a bomb from the captain to 18-19 in the 9th minute, followed by the prudent Anumba (22-19). On the other side, Brooks goes straight to the edge again with an additional free throw for the guest’s new lead (21-22 at 10′). The quarter ends with Candussi’s 1/2 and Scarponi’s 2/3 from the line tied at 23-23.

Candussi is still at the line for +1, followed by an unsportsmanlike pass to Vildera, which sent Scarponi to free throws for a new tie (24-24 at 11). On the next play, Marks overtakes with two stops and back-to-back shots that return Ruzzier’s layup for (28-26 at 13′). Brooks picks up where he left off with another triple (28-29 at 14′) for his 14th personal point. Vildera in hand and the superlative Brooks, who with two bombs gives Trieste the maximum advantage (28-37 at 16′) and opens a partial score of 0-11 for the guests, is closed from the arc by the impeccable Masciadri (31-37 at 17′). Campogrande enters the game, on the other side Tomassini responds with a set-up (33-39 at 18′). Brooks comes out of the time-out with his 22nd point (33-41 at 19′). A free throw by the guests and a sharp stop by Marks close the first half at 35:42.

Ruzzier and Deangeli with the guests’ first 4 points at the beginning (35-46 at 21′). Marks hit three points (38-46 in 22′), but Candussi gives the guests a double-digit lead again. Marks inspired, he is the support of Rimini in the attack at the beginning of the second half (42-48 at 23′) and scored 7 personal points in the 3rd quarter. A partial from Filloy and Reyes for the Trieste player brings the Romagna player back to the distance and influences the score (42-54 at 25′). Two free throws from Tomassini close an open 0-6 run and lead Rivierabanco to score after 4 minutes of abstinence (44-54 in 27′). Vildera and Scarponi pass from the line, but a layup on Tomassini’s turnover from Bossi and two bombs from Reyes allow Trieste to go up by 19 in amen (45-64 at 28′). Tassinari and Brooks close the quarter at 47:66 with two mutual points.


Rivierabanca Basket Rimini – Pallacanestro Trieste 62-81

RIVIERABANCA: Tassinari 2, Marks 21, Anumba 12, Bonfè, Grande 2, Tomassini 9, Scarponi 4, Masciadri 6, Mari, Johnson, Simioni 6, Abba. All.: Dell’Agnello.

TRIESTE: Bossi 2, Filloy 11, Reyes 13, Deangeli 4, Ruzzier 6, Campogrande 4, Candussi 9, Vildera 8, Ferrero, Brooks 24. Coaches: Christian.

PARTIAL: 23-23, 35-42, 47-66

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