Aflatoxins, be careful with this food if you have just bought it

We need to listen to what the food control authorities have to say about the urgent aflatoxin recall.

Aflatoxins in dried figs cause food recall
Supermarket cart (

Aflatoxins return with a certain cyclicity This is a very concerning issue when it comes to food safety controls. The Ministry of Health drew attention to a new situation of this kind.

Food safety enforcement authorities have identified a product that was unfortunately involved in aflatoxin contamination. Which can cause if ingested health consequences.

Aflatoxins are mycotoxins produced by certain types of fungi which develop after storage of food goods exposed to specific environmental conditions. There can be moisture in warehouses, which is not good for the safety of food as one who has been subjected to a food recall.

And the information that is important to know was released by the Ministry of Health through a specific press release published on its website. Rasff – the European Rapid System for Food and Feed Safety has done the same.

Aflatoxins in which foods have been found

Aflatoxins in dried figs cause food recall
La Tocona dried figs (

That’s why we’re learning that the food recall in question involves batch of floured dried figs that Italy imports from Spain. A brand to remember it’s La Tocona.

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This product is sold in large packages 5 kilos and 10 kilos. In both cases the draw is the same: 202300000206. As well as the expiration date or minimum shelf life (TMC) which is set at 02/2024.

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The company producing these floury dried figs affected by aflatoxins is Spanish Regadhigos Cooperativa de Almoharínwhich has its own manufacturing plant in Almoharin, Cáceres, Autonomous Region of Extremadura, Spain.

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Distribution to the Italian market is provided by Eurocereali Snc. Consumers who have purchased this product are required not to use it and return it to the place of purchase. In this way, they can get a refund or refund.

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