All the steps to make your risotto perfect: you will serve food ad hoc like in the best restaurants –

If you want to serve the perfect risotto, like you eat in a restaurant, you have to know all the steps so you don’t go wrong.

Today we want to suggest you some tricks to make the best risotto at home, you need to follow several steps and pay attention to each one without missing anything.

All the steps that make your risotto perfect will serve you an ad hoc dish like in the best restaurants
All the steps to make your risotto perfect, serve you food ad hoc like in the best restaurants Ricettasprint

Risotto can be prepared in many different ways, from the simplest with few ingredients to the most hearty, and you should never limit your imagination. Sure, if they know each other we certainly won’t make a mistake with some tricks and we’ll serve impeccable risotto, what do you think? Here’s how to prepare a perfect risottoin a few simple steps.

Perfect risotto like in a restaurant: here are the tricks you mustn’t miss

Preparing risotto to perfection at home is not difficult, just follow the step-by-step instructions and you will surely serve yourself a unique delicacy. Let’s start with the basic ingredient, rice! Not just any rice will do, you have to choose carefully.

Pour the broth into the rice in the Ricettasprint pan
Pour the broth into the rice in the Ricettasprint pan

Recommended rice varieties are: Vialone nano, Arborio, Carnaroli, you need a variety of rice that releases the right amount of starch is important! If you don’t remember the variety of rice when buying, it doesn’t matter, it says Risotto Rice on the packaging!

Then we move on to the pot or the pan, which is better? Let’s just say the best the pan to be used is copper, steel or aluminum, it is important that the edges are not too low! Of course, they must be large in proportion to the cooked rice, which guarantees an even distribution of heat.

The rice must be cooked in a pan with a sauce that is usually butter or oil with shallots or onions. Then the rice is added and it has to be fried, this step is very important to make the risotto successful.

If you add wine or broth without toasting the rice, you will not get a good result. PUSH Roasting turns rice into risottosorry for the pun, but it’s true, if you want to serve risotto, browning is essential.

After roasting, he adds hot stock, but not all at once, a little at a time, the important thing is that the stock covers the grains, so that the starches are released and they do not break.

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Not only that, it’s important turn the rice frequentlyyou must never move away from the pan to avoid the rice sticking to the bottom of the pan.

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Last important step!

The last step is the creaming of the risotto, which must be done not over a flame, but far away, the only way it will be perfect. Add some butter or grated cheese. Then you have to let everything rest!

Rice suitable for preparing Ricettasprint risotto
Rice suitable for preparing Ricettasprint risotto

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