Aluminum foil, do not use it lightly: I will tell you what it releases on food –

Using tin foil in our daily lives is a habit that many of us have to maintain before and after cooking, but are we sure we are doing it right?

Everything we have at home for food preservation must be used for the right purpose, all this in order to guarantee a better status of food, but at the same time to avoid unpleasant inconveniences.

The foil here is what releases - RicettaSprint
Here is the foil paper – RicettaSprint

At the top of the list of things you can learn to use at home, we will undoubtedly find tinfoil. In a way, it is our best friend, but it needs to be used with proper care.

How do you use tinfoil?

A question whose answer is given for many, usually for Aluminum foil is used in cooking both for keeping cold and hot food, in some cases it is decisive for cooking food in foil and much more.

Nevertheless, a very specific distinction must be made, foil is excellent for preserving food, but it must be cold, i.e. not only heat-treated. Another detail that should not be underestimated preserve them with foil and then put them in the freezer.

The foil here is what releases - RicettaSprint
Here is the foil paper – RicettaSprint

Why do we need to be careful how we use tin foil?

Another question that presents a real pain point with food grade aluminum that has allowed us to preserve our food and leftovers in the best possible way over the years. There is no specific contraindication for the use of foil, but there are indications of how to avoid problems that could cause discomfort to the body.

Aluminum foil that comes into contact with food during cooking or is used when it is still very hot, releases particles which then come into contact with food which then inevitably enters our bodyAND.

So what has been said must require us to pay more attention to how we use food, and in case we have to keep food freshly warm, we prefer bowls prepared when needed, or we refer to a classic food movie.

The foil here is what releases - RicettaSprint
Here is the foil paper – RicettaSprint

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As for the freezing phase of the food, it is recommended to always use freezer bags, so at the end we wrap the food in aluminum foil after it has been cooked, but completely cooled, thus preventing the heat from penetrating the metal.

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