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Who is really at the heart of Cannavacciuolo?
Antonino Cannavacciuolo Ifood

Antonino Cannavacciuolo, she had been in his heart for years. Except his wife. Name it.

We have a new and highly anticipated release cooking show par excellence, it’s coming. Actually MasterChef in December 2023, the judges will be the undisputed protagonists Bruno Barbieripresent since the first edition, Giorgio Locatelli and very nice Antonino Cannavacciuolo.

The the gentle giant of Italian cuisine He is loved by both adults and children for his innate friendliness. For this reason it is highly sought after as references for different brandsmostly connected to the world of cooking, which he knows very well and whose indisputable fascination has connected him since childhood.

It has studied seriously and it is he rolled up his sleevessweating the classics seven shirts to make itbut remember that you never stop learning something new. Actually for him you have to keep improving AND you never feel like you’ve arrived. He likes to teach his profession to talented young people, on whom he spares no expense advicebut neither a loud admonitionaimed at giving their best in the kitchen, as well as in life in general.

Antonino It is great cook but also a successful businessmanwhich he has been driving for years Villa Crespi together with his wonderful wife Cinzia Primatestaalso coming from one a family of restaurateurs and that is excellent businessman AND manager. It is not for nothing that he successfully manages a luxury hotel chain and his partner many famous husband.

Antonino Cannavacciuolo, life outside and inside the kitchen

Among other things, it seems so to take care of her from the different ones Social platforms OF Antonino. The woman is very active on Instagram and is vegetarian. Both are also parents Elisa az Andrew. The latter seems to be getting closer and closer diet followed by his mother. According to his father, he would indeed be mirror parentespecially at level diet.

In fact, he eats alone salads, vegetables, pasta with peas AND bean. Regarding his wife, the chef revealed that she is his best friend, the mother of his children It is amazing woman. The fact is, despite these decidedly beautiful statements, he she has had someone else in her heart for a long time. However, no one knew that until today. It’s just emerging now truth.

Who is really at the heart of Cannavacciuolo?
Antonino Cannavacciuolo Ifood

Antonino always had fishing in his heart!

Let’s talk about that great and deep passion Antonino custom pro fishing. Not for nothing in the past he himself said that the latter after cooking it is his biggest. And it’s in the name of what he’s been working on Oh my seaproduced the series Endemol Shine Italy For The discovery of Italy and which was broadcast in 2017 on the 9

In each episode, the chef intended to participate in one fishing trip with local fishermen. So we came to talk about faunal history az culinary specialties places, especially Fishwhich is the basis of the kitchen Antoninoas far as oi is concerned First that secondsas well as for appetizers. I mean, myself he loves fishing to rest alone.

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