Architects of Florence, letter prepared to Sangiuliano and Sgarbi on the Isozaki loggia

Florence, November 18, 2023 – Sulla Isozaki Cottage “L”Order of Architects of Florence prepared a letter addressed to Minister Sangiulian and Undersecretary Sgarbi, by which we ask for a number of information, whether it is true that the result was annulled, on the basis of which act, who made the decision and therefore who formed the commission that decided to annul the result of the competition. And we ask for information about the hypothesis of an alternative solution, for which we do not know who was appointed and according to what procedure”.

It was announced by the President of the Order of Architects of Florence, Andrea Crociani. If there is a “directly authorized person who is responsible, we would like to know what criteria are adopted to assign this position”, explained Crociani. “We wrote this letter and sent it to our National Council, like this as well as 105 provincial orders, currently accepting around 80 contributions – he concluded -. When we have the support of all orders, and I hope the National Council, we will pass the document to Sangiulian and Sgarbi.”

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