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What is true about this question? Is it true or not: are gluten-free products fattening or is it something false?

Are you getting fat from gluten-free products or not?
Gluten-free foods (

Gluten-free products make you fat, is it true or not? This category of food should be taken by those with gluten intolerance. For what is in jargon the condition known by the medical and scientific term “celiac disease”.

However, not only celiacs can enjoy gluten-free foods. Under certain circumstances, we then ask ourselves: are you fattening up after gluten-free products? And we’re talking about everything from biscuits and crackers for breakfast to pasta, flour, bread and substitutes.

In several circumstances, this or that authority figure has seen fit to provide certain answers to this question comparison of the same article types. In order to make a direct comparison between the classic versions and those specially created for celiacs.

what came of it? After careful examination of these foods, it was possible to state what happens when gluten-free products are consumed. And therefore find out what the effects on the body can be.

Are gluten-free products making you fat? What happened

Are you getting fat from gluten-free products or not?
Gluten-free foods (

Well, it turns out that there are no differences between the products in normal quotes and their gluten-free counterparts. Calories, amount of sugars and fats and other important values ​​do not change from one version to another.

There are a few minor diversity factors. For example, bread for celiacs is only slightly lower in calories. While in pasta for celiacs of sugars is on average one third compared to the classic one.

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So we can state that a person who is not affected by any food intolerance or gluten allergy, but wants to voluntarily follow an intentionally gluten-free diet would not make you fat.

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It is a decision that can be made by eating lighter in the sense of not accepting the component represented by gluten this can make what you eat easier to digest.

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But it is not something that will make you lose weight. If you want to lose weight, you must follow a diet that is regularly prescribed by a certified specialist.

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