Artificial intelligence instead of pesticides: a solar-powered robot is coming that removes weeds and preserves crops

Green solutions for agriculture: Aigen Element, a solar-powered robot that uses artificial intelligence to replace the use of pesticides

A Seattle-based agricultural technology startup called “Aigen” recently unveiled a fascinating project: a self-propelled machine solar energy and wind force. Equipment – the so-called Element Aigen – is an autonomous and scalable robot equipped with artificial intelligence, thanks to which it is able to move between plants, eliminate weeds and monitor the condition of crops, provides farmers with valuable information, saves time and money.

Use pesticides in the United States is very high and has negative consequences for the environment, health and biodiversity. In 2012, more than 1.1 billion pounds of pesticides were used in the United States, 60 percent of which were herbicides. Aigen plans to change that and offer farmers a sustainable solution which reduces dependence on chemicals.

He founded the startup Rich Wurdena former Tesla engineer who wanted to create an ecological alternative to traditional farming methods:

Farmers told us that their main problem is weeds. So we decided to start there: to create a solution that allows you to eliminate weeds without the use of pesticides, while improving the quality of their crops.

How does it work

Aigen Element’s innovative technology is based on artificial intelligence technology developed by the company, which is so efficient that it can only run on renewable energy, as he explained Kenny Leeco-founder and CEO of Aigen:

The average cell phone uses 4 watts of power. Our AI models consume only 1.5W and our entire robot is equally efficient. With its own 205W solar panel, our robots often generate more energy than they use in a day.

The Aigen Element robot has a lightweight chassis and an integrated solar panel, as well as regenerative motors and robust suspension that allow it to move nimbly and weeds for 14 hours a day in almost all climates. The first Aigen Element model will be available on more than 20,000 acres of U.S. farmland. 2024.

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Source: Aigen

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