“Ask the dust”: Francesco Caremani presents the book in Subbiano

Arezzo, November 20, 2023 – A world tour that will tell the most intimate and deepest essence of football.

On Friday, November 24 at 21:00, an evening of stories, curiosities and anecdotes dedicated to the universe of football will take place in the meeting hall of the Municipality of Subbiano, with the presentation of the book “Ask the dust. When football is not just a game” by writer and journalist Francesco Caremani.

The meeting will allow you to experience the journey through the peripheral districts of large metropolises, war zones or small remote villages and trace the stories of men and women who found in football the opportunity to dream of a better future, the opportunity. to social redemption or a tool of emancipation, affirmation and therapy.

“The role of sport and the many associations that bring it to life is essential,” comments Ilaria Mattesini, mayor of Subbiano, – and when sport represents a community story that also consists of many personal stories, it becomes even more significant.

The discovery of such a book by Francesco Caremani will be a great moment of dialogue and reflection for us, bringing to the fore the stories of those who, big or small, play football, making us look beyond the sport and offering us a glimpse of life, thanks to the pen of a journalist, which always has within it a social commitment with the ability to excite”.

“Ask the dust”, published by BradipoLibri in 2023, was created to collect and connect the stories written by Caremani in the magazine “Il Calcio Illustrato” between November 2014 and October 2020, where the journalist tried to tell the world of the balloon and the world of those who live inside and behind the balloon.

The book moves between historical research and research to use football as a resource for understanding places, social contexts and communities in many different corners of the world from the Andes to Pakistan to Africa and back to Italy.

The type of story chosen by Caremani has gained special recognition throughout the peninsula, as shown by the recent presentations of “Ask the Dust” in Turin, Naples and Potenza, with the tour now also stopping in Subbiano.

“We are honored to be able to host this event in our municipality – reiterates Paolo Domini, Deputy Mayor of Subbiana. – We wanted it very much, firstly for the long-term relationship of respect and friendship that binds me to Caremani, and secondly for the topic discussed, which will fully involve all those who love this sport.

When we talk about football as a primal passion, we take everyone back in time, to our experience, where streets, pitches, simplicity and friendship marked our endless days.

The opportunity to learn everything that leads people in different latitudes and in different social contexts to love this sport is an undoubted cultural enrichment, even more important for the social implications widely described in the book, which we believe it is our duty to make known. “

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