Tanning activators, do they work? What are they, how to use them and which one to choose

crema solare

Everything you need to know about tanning activators, not to be confused with self-tanners and which will never replace the traditional and always very useful sunscreen @lightfieldstudios/123rf Have you ever heard of tanning activators? These are products designed to speed up the tanning process of the skin when exposed to the sun. So they are … Read more

Everyone is crazy about Eurospin perfumes for only 6.99 euros: “We will reveal which brands they correspond to”

profumi dupe

“Dupe” perfumes that imitate well-known brands are popular in EUROSPIN stores: but what is their quality? @salvo/123rf The buzz on social media gives them a huge spread, which translates into many (not always enthusiastic) purchases: we’re talking perfumes to burnor imitations of big brand fragrances on sale in discount stores. Today we will talk to … Read more

These 3 ingredients are enough to keep your hands young and beautiful even after 40 years

idratazione mani

With these simple ingredients we already have at home, we can make a lotion that hydrates our hands and keeps them young: here’s how @123rf The hands they represent our business card, they are a tool to introduce ourselves and meet new people – especially now that after the phase of restrictions due to Covid … Read more