“Autumn to browse”, here are the weekend events in Lazzerini

Prato, November 15, 2023 – Alla The Lazzerini Library Two events dedicated to scientific literature are planned for the weekend, moderated by a biologist Martin Ruffo and created in collaboration with the CaffeScienza Prato association and the Gori bookstore, which are part of the “Autumn to browseWe start it on Friday the 17th at 9 p.m., on the occasion of which the entomologist Fulvio Giachino will talk about his latest publication “Insects: Gods and Demons. Insects in Human Culture: Symbols, Myths, Legends, Religion and Folklore” (WBA Project), which will take viewers on an amazing journey through time and space, into reality and beyond. through an examination of the symbolism of insects in human history.

The next meeting is scheduled for Saturday the 18th at 5 p.m., when Rossano Cavaliere will present his latest book “Leonardo Sciascia in the eyes of women. Pieces of the female mosaic” (Vallecchi). In an interview with the author, Mariano Sabatini. Through a series of interviews with famous women of our time who knew him, the work presents a surprising portrait of the writer who is now considered one of the most important intellectuals of our twentieth century.

The courage of the Sicilian writer is known (he was the first to denounce and describe the “mafia phenomenon” in his novels), as well as some of his sharp or provocative, sometimes divisive judgments. The interviewees – journalists, writers and commentators, but also academics, publishers, entrepreneurs – by recounting the time they shared with the author, ended up telling about themselves and revealing hitherto unpublished aspects of their nature, their feelings, their extraordinary uniqueness. Barbara Alberti, Franca Leosini, Dacia Marini, Elisabetta Sgarbi, the women of the Nonino family – to name just a few – paint a new and original portrait of the Sicilian writer, able to overcome crystallized opinions and clarify interesting aspects of his personality, placed in the context of a time rich in cultural ferment.

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