Baby boomer colored nails: the most beautiful manicure

Baby boomer colored nails: here is a very original nail trend. For you, a selection with the most beautiful ideas, all to copy, for a super nervous manicure

Are you ready to try a new nail art that will drive you crazy? Here is an instant necessity, le baby boomers colored nails winter 2024. Baby boomer nails are a classic: they have a bare base made with gel AND acrylic, which optically narrows the fingers thanks to the smoke treatment, they are darker at the base and gradually lighter towards the tip. Today, however, the look of the nails is definitely more original, thanks to the use of colors other than the usual milky white in combination with pale pink. From intense pink to green to multi-colored designs, here’s how to have fun with this very popular nail trend, which is especially perfect on long and very long nails.

Baby boomer colored nails in all shades of pink

This type of manicure is often associated with pink. Here are some manicures we have selected for you.

Neon pink

Reverse baby boomers

Pink Barbie

He blushed

Baby boomer orange nails

Orange baby boomer with semi-permanent hair

Colorful baby boomer and white chewing gum

Peach sorbet

Baby boomer colored nails in shades of blue

Light blue baby boomers

Tiffany Baby boomers

In the depths of the sea

Baby boomer multicolored nails

Baby boomer nails colored in shades of green

Green Bon Ton

Autumn green

Baby boomer colored nails for dark addicts

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