Baby food, almost half is contaminated with toxic pesticides –

There are many baby foods on the market that contain harmful substances. This is revealed by an official study.

Baby food contaminated with harmful pesticides, study
Children’s food (

Baby food, there is an official study that the veins in your wrists are shaking. Because it is about what the average level of health safety of products intended as baby food would be.

He talks about it all US Environmental Working Group (EWG)non-profit association that wanted to clarify the possible presence of harmful substances in baby food.

And unfortunately, a massive presence of toxic pesticides was found, at a rate not far from 50% of the products examined. Of the 73 infant formulas of various brands, 40% show an endangered situation. With the presence of important traces of harmful pesticides.

And don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s all about baby food. Industry dynamics are essentially similar for all manufacturers worldwide. This means that this can affect any market. Furthermore, EWG also names some brands that are definitely not doing very well in all of this.

Baby food, what are the identified risks

Baby food contaminated with harmful pesticides, study
Apple Jelly (

However, there is some good news in all of this. Compared to the situation thirty years ago, the situation gradually improved more and more. In the mid-1990s, contamination levels were much higher. However, the results of the current study are certainly not exciting.

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Many of the products observed also contained more than one harmful pesticide. The consequences of long-term intake can lead to damage to the nervous system, cancer of organs of the digestive system and impairment of growth development.

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We must not forget that newborns and children in general are more fragile in terms of resistance. The study then states that they are particularly exposed are apple-based productsbut also others containing e.g blueberries, pears or strawberriesshowed some weaknesses.

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The best thing to do to avoid any possible risk is to use organic baby food. Which are made with zero crop kilometers and without the use of pesticides and the like. The least satisfied brands include Beech-Nut, Gerber NestlĂ© and Parent’s Choice, concludes the Environmental Working Group study.

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