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Bake Off Italia – (photo on Facebook)

She took advantage of the stillness of the night, thinking no one would see her, so she took advantage of it to do so. It was necessary for her.

She is not only a bearer of advice, but also one of the most peaceful moments of the whole day, during which you perceive a calm and relaxed atmosphere. She knew this very well, so she used the moment to do it.

For her it was imperative that she be able to move forward, and so, sure that she was undisturbed, she took advantage of the quiet of the night to do so before going to rest. and then continue with the rhythms of the day, which were really hard at times.

It started in the morning and then continued non-stop for the rest of the day, until the evening. For this reason for her it was inevitable to do it at night, even if it was not easy. There were many procedures to remember and very often they were very similar. So it was not easy at all.

He said this in an interview on “Vice“, in which he had the opportunity to talk about his experiences on “Bake Off Italia”. This background also appeared in his story.

An experience as stressful as it is exciting

She watched the first edition from home and loved it she couldn’t resist the temptation to try to participate in the program as well. However, he didn’t think it would be this stressful and emotional.

However, his life and his future were at stake. At the time, he was working in an insurance agency, so he had a secure job, but she felt she wanted something more, so she signed up for a Bake Off course and evening pastry chef to change that.. In the end, the experience was very useful for her, but the shift in the program was not easy for her. There were many things to learn and little time to do them, so he often found himself studying in the middle of the night.

Alice Balossi
Alice Balossi – (photo on Instagram)

Forced to study at night

But here’s what he said Alice Balossi on her “Bake Off” experience and nights spent studying: “You have to memorize a lot of recipes and end up studying them at night. And then they’re all the same, butter, eggs, sugar, crazy confusion“.

He then spoke about the recording times: “Recording rhythms are long: you start in the morning and continue as long as there is time, sometimes until midnight. We recorded every day, every now and then we took a few days off“.

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