Barrier-free beach in Rimini, progress for a project for 580,000 euros

He will take another step forward”Beach free for all“, a project of the municipality of Rimini that intends to promote barrier-free tourism and promote the ability to meet everyone’s needs.

At yesterday’s meeting (Tuesday, November 21), the municipal council approved the technical-economic feasibility project of the second part of the project, which received regional subsidies to support barrier-free tourism and support tourism operators, services and structures that deal with this tourism. segment: all within the framework of the institutional project “I have a holiday in Emilia-Romagna”, co-financed by the Office for Policy for the Benefit of Persons with Disabilities of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

The total value of the two items is 580,000 euros, specifically the region will provide 150,000 euros and the municipality of Rimini another 430,000 euros, with the completion of all the different activities and works of which it is made up expected by the month of September 2024.

Inclusive beach, here is the project

The “Free Beach All” project mainly concerns the free beach in Piazzale Boscovich: “It was made up – explains the city administration – meet the needs of all users, including those with different types of disabilities (mental, sensory, motor), users, age groups and is organized in schematic spaces, located sequentially, easily and unambiguously identifiable and reportable, all on the platform, just as all on the platform are gazebos – umbrellas that are located to the right and left of the platform”.

Parasols for free beach users will be placed all around the gazebos. The project will allow “everyone” not only access, but also the opportunity to enjoy the beach and fully experience the bathing season according to their needs.

New services (showers and toilets, gazebos/parasols) and inclusive routes are characterized by the specific needs of disabled users and their family members, specialized escorts and staff, maximally simplifying spaces and routes.

A relaxation gazebo has been provided on the platform at the walkway entrance to facilitate the transition from the outside towards the ‘seaside living experience’, given that this can be extremely chaotic and noisy for more emotionally sensitive users. The Gazebo will be a tranquil space equipped with side curtains, soft chairs, equipped with connections for music and videos, where families can relax before starting a day at the beach or whenever a break is needed.

The routes were highlighted in color according to different functions (direction to the sea/water entry and direction to the water exit/factory, direction to toilets, showers).

Users with motor disabilities will have wheelchairs available to allow them to dive into the sea. To these “tangible” services there is also a more “intangible” aspect, such as the organization of recreational activities and workshops. It is also expected to strengthen the available mobility services.

The project “There is a holiday for me in Emilia-Romagna” also includes parallel activities to develop an accessible and inclusive tourism offer through work placements for people with disabilities. issues as well as the creation of reconnaissance/collection and systematization of information regarding services for tourists with disabilities available in their territory.

“Rethinking and redesigning tourist sites and services to make them accessible to all should form an essential part of any responsible and sustainable policy. – comments the councilor for social protection of the Municipality of Rimini, Christian Gianfreda – This is a journey that we started years ago and is the result of the sensitivity of institutions, tourism operators, local health authorities and third sector associations on the topic of accessibility and inclusion, which together materialized a strong idea that can be a model for other facilities to guarantee full the availability and use of the premises to all the people who live in Rimini and who come there on holiday”.

Be careful with the facts regarding this issue – continues Gianfreda – it also means acting with regard to getting rid of the seasons, given that this type of tourist increasingly prefers less crowded periods. Ensuring greater inclusivity and accessibility of the beach, also through the new marine park, where access to the sea and many play areas are inclusive, expresses the strength and ability to capture new needs”.

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