Beauty at first glance: a matte lipstick with the effect of nude lips

Lipsticks are objects of beauty that are best suited to become icons. L’Absolu Rouge it is the most popular lipstick Lancome since its launch in 1990. In 2018, the Maison introduced a matte finish with L’Absolu Rouge Drama Matte and then – in 2020 – introduced a new one with L’Absolu Rouge Intimatte: a comfortable matte lipstick with a shaded effect.

in 2023 L’Absolu Rouge Intimatte writes a new chapter: a renewed formula with a feeling of extreme comfort, enriched with moisturizing properties to create an imperceptible veil on the lips and provide a matte finish with a shaded effect.

The secret is in the formula

The formula has been enriched with light pigments, the fineness of which enables a more delicate color effect. The new version is infused with Grand Rose extracts, a blend of two hand-picked roses with skincare properties: Damascena Rose and Centifolia Rose.

• Rosa Damascena essential oil: Damascena rose, or Damask rose, is one of them
rare to the world. The purest quality essential oil is obtained from the petals of Rosa gallica and Rosa Moscheta, which are collected when the flowers reach maturity.
• Rosa Centifolia extract: known as the flowering rose (the month in which it blooms), from
The Centifolia rose has long been a symbol of the Grasse region. This rose with a hundred petals is collected when it blooms to capture all its freshness.

Together, these extracts help protect and beautify the lips, while ceramides provide a sense of hydration and comfort.

The color palette was enriched by fourteen new shades which matches all armochromia shades thanks to light pigments that add a veil of color for a simple elegant shaded matte effect.

Lancôme makeup artists recommend tapping the product gently with your fingertips to achieve a more intense effect.

The latest version returns to the original packaging, making it even more luxurious and sinuous like a body in motion. L’Absolu Rouge Intimatte is on newsstands on the Vanity Fair beauty cover.

American actress Amanda Seyfried, Global Ambassador of Lancôme is the current face of L’Absolu Rouge.

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