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An incredible recipe signed by Benedetta Parodi
Benedetta Parodi Ifood

Benedetta Parodi, her fantastic recipe for spaghetti with anchovies. Must try immediately.

It is truly impossible for Italians to come up with a meal, especially a decent lunch, without putting something on the table nice plate of pasta. Certainly among the very numerous formats on the market, which we find on sale, next to the classics, the most popular rigatonithey are legendary spaghettivery popular in summer seasons.

They are widely used in the summer spice very easy and fresh, like a classic garlic, oil and hot pepper or tuna, olives and capers. They are also very exploited anchovies, which we often also use for one bruschetta or Pizza. Combined with pasta, they make the dish more appealing even for those with very little appetite.

However, make it again in our kitchens a dish designed by the legendary Benedetto Parodi we will have to rely spaghetti, which, as we have seen, are larger than the tall ones. For put them on the table it doesn’t take much time and that’s definitely another reason to cook them maximum peace of mind in our kitchens, even if we are not expert cooks like a food blogger.

They start by saying it in the spice tomato will not be presentnot even until pieces not in he passed. As for the ingredients, in addition to those already mentioned spaghettiwe have to get it 300 g for 4 people. In this way, we will be able to make available good food, capable will fully satisfy every palate.

Ingredients needed for Benedetta Parodi’s Spaghetti

Now let’s continue with the list of ingredients that will be useful for cooking the dish. 4 or 5 anchovy fillets, 2 whole cloves of garlic, 200 g of chicorywhich is ours Blessed found in the market as well as some chili az pepper. We’ll need some eventually extra virgin olive oil az salt.

But there is also a final touch, consisting of addition fresh burrata, once the spaghetti is done. But let’s go in order, step by step we will tell you how to proceed in the implementation of the delicious recipe spaghetti with tipssuggested Parody.

An incredible recipe signed by Benedetta Parodi
Benedetta Parodi Ifood

Continue to prepare

Let’s start by cooking them al dente in a high-sided pan containing lightly salted boiling water spaghetti. In the meantime, wash, dry carefully and let’s cut and chopped chicory and let’s make them cook. Fry the vegetables separately in a non-stick pan with a drop of oil cloves of garlic with anchovies.

Add a pinch of pepper. Once he spaghetti they will be done, just like the chicory, drain them and put them in the pan along withgarlicwhich would be better to remove if you don’t like strong flavors, and at anchovies. Blow it up everything in a pan for a few minutes. Then serve, add a little fresh burrata az pepper. Mix and serve immediately.

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