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danger of bresaola
Bresaola – ifood

Bresaola is recommended because it is one of the most delicious smoked meats. But if you eat it like this, it becomes very dangerous. The truth that no one knows.

Low in fat and rich in protein bresaola it is the smoked meat considered the best and often recommended by nutritionists and dieticians.

Raw smoked meat like others, but unlike them, it is made from lean cuts beef, precisely from the thigh muscles. Therefore, it will be appreciated by athletes and those who follow a balanced diet and need to lose weight.

Originally from northern Italy, Bresaola Valtellinese is actually a PGI product and is prepared according to very specific methods.

But despite all these qualities, no one knows that when eaten in a certain way, it can become dangerous. Let’s find out how.

Bresaola: hidden dangers

PUSH bresaola it is therefore smoked meat obtained from thigh muscle cattle aged between 18 months and 4 years. Free range and grass fed which makes their meat special. The preparation method includes salting, drying and bagging. Each manufacturer has its own recipe, which includes a mix of salt and various spices.

It can be juniper berries, rosemary, pepper, garlic and others. With these ingredients, the meat is massaged several times and subjected to drying, during which it is massaged again to penetrate the mixture used, which gives it its special flavor that is so popular.

the risks of bresaola
Risks of bresaola – ifood

A truth that few people know

We saw how bresaola is prepared and thought that it could become dangerous in a certain way, even though it is recommended by many nutritionists. A nutritional biologist tells us the truth Giulia Biondi which explains it even though it is a slim product “contains about 4.5 grams of salt or nearly so maximum daily income. And like turkey, ham and other processed meats are classified as IARC Class A1 carcinogens. That would be the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

So, in reality, bresaola is not as harmless as we think, and it would be best not to exceed the recommended doses for all other types of smoked meat: a maximum of 50 g less than once a week. That’s about 5-6 slices of bresaola. Because, the doctor recalls: “The problem is the excess of everything. Food is not a problem. The problem is always and only thinking of a diet as an eating pattern and not a lifestyle. The problem is nutritional education, which does not exist.”

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