Casa Rimini: around a hundred citizens have already turned to the new rental desk

About a hundred citizens who turned to the information desk of the Rental Office located in Corso d’Augusto a month after its opening: a new office in the heart of the historic center that aims to simplify and facilitate the meeting between homeowners and potential tenants, while offering both support around the process rental, which ranges from activation to management and conclusion of the contract to the management of city resources.

Among the users who approached the table are about ten property owners: they actually expressed an interest in the regional initiative of the Housing Pact; an innovative tool that the municipality of Rimini tries to streamline and support as much as possible through the help desk wrestle supply and demand.

Key functions of the agency:

  • Contract activation: The desk is designed to guide owners and tenants in the contract activation phase, guaranteeing an easy and transparent procedure.
  • Management and conclusion of the contract: In addition to activation, the Rental Company helps users during the contract, provides advice and support during its management and conclusion.
  • Management of municipal resources: in accordance with the “Casa Rimini” municipal plan, the office also deals with the management of funds in the hands of the municipality, thus helping to streamline the rental process and in accordance with the guidelines.
  • Support in dealing with bureaucratic procedures: The main goal of the desk is to offer detailed and specialized support in dealing with bureaucratic procedures connected with renting real estate. From filling out the paperwork to managing the paperwork, Rental Agency is committed to streamlining this often complex aspect of the rental process.

To be precise, it was inaugurated at the end of October as part of the Casa Rimini urban plan, a new extraordinary pact for housing policy that will be developed during the 2023-2027 administrative mandate.

It is a package of measures and economic resources with a total value of 30.6 million euros, presented at the beginning of September and consisting of a series of public and private actions aimed at increasing the number of rents up to an increase of approximately one third of the current availability of public housing stock.

The aim is therefore to respond to the general housing crisis affecting the national territory, with a special focus on cities with a tourist and university focus, such as Milan, Florence and Rimini, among others.

The instruments used by the Plan are divided into three strategies: the Emilia-Romagna Housing Pact, social housing projects and the transformation of accommodation facilities.

1. Housing Pact: expansion of the rental offer with regulated rent

The “Emilia-Romagna House Pact” is an innovative initiative of the Emilia-Romagna region with the participation of the Municipality of Rimini to promote rent-regulated leasing. Aimed at the “middle range” of families, the program aims to increase housing supply by reusing unused building stock, thereby supporting the introduction of new housing to the market and training individuals capable of managing rent from both a property and social perspective. Owners will receive tax credits, service allowances, guarantees and support for bureaucratic procedures managed by Acer Rimini through the leasing agency in Corso d’Augusto.

2. Construction: social housing

Several construction projects focus on creating social and sustainable housing. The €15.2 million Pinqua project in the former Moi includes the creation of 80 urban housing units, a nursery school, public spaces and greenery. The Piers project will add 36 new homes with sustainable and safety features. The ‘community living’ concept introduces an approach to home care focused on support among residents with an investment of €4.8 million. Accommodation for specific social needs and support such as Housing First and social service projects are also provided.

3. Reconstruction of accommodation facilities: temporary residences

It is expected that the accommodation facilities will be converted into temporary accommodation for students, seasonal workers and employees of the healthcare and law enforcement agencies. This intervention is based on article 27 bis of the city’s building regulations and aims to restore unused properties in the Rimini area. The estimated cost is 4 million euros.

The housing shortage is one of the main problems that affects all Italian cities without exception – explains councilor for housing policy Kristian Gianfreda-. “Casa Rimini” intends to be a new community pact, because we believe that the problem of life cannot be solved only and exclusively by interventions from above, of a public nature. It must be addressed as a city priority that includes everyone’s participation and responsibility. To this end, we will soon launch a large communication campaign to inform all citizens about the municipality’s measures and interventions in the housing issue: information posters will be put up in the city as early as the 22nd.“.

“I also remember that, as the city of Rimini, we are the first in the region to activate the Housing Pact, an important part of which is the table in the middle.” concludes councilor Gianfreda.

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