Turn to pesticides and the European Parliament rejects a 50% reduction by 2030


In 2020, Europe launched the Green Deal and its application in agriculture, the “Farm to Fork” strategy, which envisages a 50% reduction in pesticide use and 25% of organically cultivated farmland by 2030. The approach, which is almost in denial, first failed to stop the spread of glyphosate and then by voting against a regulation … Read more

This man grew 3 banana trees in the middle of the street for over 2 years (and the epilogue will make you cry)

Banane strada

A man planted three banana trees in the middle of a traffic island and watered them every day for two years. Now he was forced to remove them, but fortunately the plants found a new home @FNN/YouTube Planted by a 50-year-old Japanese man three banana trees in the middle of the main road city ​​of … Read more

Glyphosate: Bayer ordered to pay huge compensation to 3 farmers sickened by its herbicide

glifosato leucemia tumori

Another court defeat for Bayer. A Missouri jury ordered a multinational company to pay huge damages to 3 farmers (plus the wife of one of them) who accused the herbicide Roundup of causing non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. A few days ago, a Missouri jury handed down a historic verdict ordered Bayer to pay $1.56 billion 3 plaintiffs … Read more

Tomatoes in the greenhouse: maximize yield already after transplanting

Pomodori in serra, cosa fare in post trapianto

in greenhouse with transplants for the new season, we proceed (it should be said) “closely”. table tomato, pepper, zucchini, eggplant and other fruit vegetables. A very delicate phase because the new plants will have to produce until next spring.It is therefore essential to promote a good start by limiting all external factors that can negatively … Read more

Cereals: specialized technical lines for better service

Linea Grano, prodotti targati Bayer per la difesa

Phytosanitary defense requires an increasing degree customization, both from a technical and commercial point of view. In this sense, it is actually good that everyone player in the supply chain see adequately represented product lines which it offers to end users. To meet this need for customization, Bayer created a new structure Wheat lineavailable as … Read more

Agritechnica 2023, more and more sensors (and data) in Bayer’s future

Dati e soluzioni digitali ad Agritechnica 2023

Agritechnica it is a large showcase where the major players in agricultural mechanization showcase their innovations. Among the tractors and technology, sensors and robots, the pavilion was also interesting Bayerthe only one of the large agrochemical companies that operates in Hannover. The Bayer stand represents well the new direction the company has been taking for … Read more

Digital, agri-food companies lead the supply chain

Hai detto digitale? Ecco qualche numero

If we look at agri-food supply chain as a whole, the transformation sector is the one that has most embraced the paradigm digitization. According to the latest data ofSmart AgriFood ObservatorySchool of Management of Politecnico di Milano and Rise Laboratory – Research and Innovation for Smart EnterprisesUniversity of Bresciawell82% of agri-food companies use digital solutions … Read more

Now you can get bean seeds to grow at home (for free): here’s how

Coltivare semi di fagioli

With FAO’s Increase programme, it is possible to obtain ancient bean seeds for cultivation at home from five different varieties to promote biodiversity. From November 27 to February 29, it will be possible to apply FAO Enhancement Program receive at home ancient bean seeds to grow. He manages the projectUniversity of Marche with the support … Read more

Wonder! After 144 years, seeds preserved in bottles from a century-old experiment with pesticides have germinated

Germogliati dopo 144 anni

It all started in 1879, when botanist William J. Beal placed 20 bottles of sand and 50 seeds of different species underground. Since then, their condition has been regularly monitored @Michigan State University It looks like a real miracle and yet it just is a force of Nature. After 144 yearsin fact they are sprouts … Read more

Pfas also in pesticides: a new report reveals which ones are still allowed in Europe

pfas pesticidi pan europe

A recent report from the Pesticide Action Network Europe (PAN) revealed the widespread presence of PFASs, which are notoriously persistent, in pesticides. Despite environmental and human health concerns, current European pesticide regulation does not adequately address the risk posed by the use of these active substances. @PanEurope The presence of someone Pfas (per- and polyfluoroalkyl … Read more