Persimmon, vanilla and chocolate, just three ingredients to create a light and super tasty breakfast mousse

mousse di cachi

Prepare a delicious foam for a light breakfast with only three ingredients: persimmon, vanilla and chocolate. Find out how to prepare this tasty and healthy option to start your day off on the right foot Today we want to offer you a really tasty and easy-to-implement idea on how to use the properties of the … Read more

Halloween: two delicious vegetarian recipes typical of the Irish tradition

Ricette irlandesi di Halloween

Already in the past, traditional Irish Halloween recipes did not include the use of meat. Let’s discover two particularly tasty ones: Champ, mashed potatoes with shallots and Barmbrack, bread with dried fruit @IRSK√Ě TURISTIKA Press office Did you know that traditional irish recipes get ready for eve of all saints have they been vegetarian since … Read more

Chestnuts: 15 recipes for first courses, second courses and desserts

zuppa castagne

Explore the best chestnut recipes and enjoy autumn flavors in delicious dishes. From soups to desserts, discover creative ways to use chestnuts in your cooking @marcomayer/123rf Chestnuts, what a passion! We have already explained it to you how to cook chestnuts 5 different ways and how to store them. We also told you about the … Read more