Catholic writer Lally Masia presents her new novel against violence against women

Creative and Catholic writer Femme Lally Masia will be the protagonist of two actions against violence against women. The first meeting is set for Friday, November 24 in San Clemente at the Giustiniano Villa Theater at 8:45 p.m.. On this occasion, G. Villa will present his novel “I won I”which draws the reader into a deep introspection of the fears of the female hemisphere. We will talk about women, hardships, pain, joys and hope. Participating prof. Nunzia Pasturi and Prof. Filippo Dionigi. Free entry.

On Saturday, November 25, it will be Palermo’s turn, where the author will refer to her latest novel “Mirror in the Mist” at 4:30 p.m. in the wonderful setting of the Palazzo dei Normanni on the occasion of the “Sicily for Women” event. Event facilitator Simona Branchetti, Tg5 journalist. Lally Masia will be accompanied on every occasion by her brand manager Maurizio Scilla from 03Studio srl.

“I am really proud to be invited to two important events like this – explains Masia -. It is essential that we find ourselves in dialogue not only about this terrible scourge that is violence against women, but also about cultural education. which is slowly disappearing. I believe that it is necessary to talk about these issues with young people, with new generationsalso through my books dealing with violence against women, which before it is physical, is also and above all psychological”.

A short biography of Lalla Masia

Lally Masia is a creative woman and writer originally from Montefiore Conca, a small town in the province of Rimini. In 2019 he published his first book “A Man Called Vincent” and in 2020 “Eleonora’s Second Life”, two novels resulting from stories collected over time and jealously guarded in a diary. “Woman in Color” is the third book published in 2021, in which she wanted to cross five female personalities that represent the achievements and limits that every woman experiences on a daily basis. With “Vinco io” in 2022, there is a further maturity of the writer, who decides to engage the reader in a deep introspection of the fears of the female hemisphere. In 2023, he published the fifth novel “Mirror in the Mist”, in which the main character, in a tangle of secrets and betrayals, reaches mysterious consequences with her determination and sixth sense.

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