Celebration of the Carabinieri of Rimini in honor of the Virgin Fidelis and the Battle of Culqualber

The Carabinieri of Rimini celebrated their patron saint, the Virgin Fidelis, with a Mass in the Church of San Raffaele in the presence of civil and military authorities. In addition to the patron, the 82nd anniversary of the “Battle of Culqualber” and “Orphans’ Day” were also celebrated in honor of the children of deceased soldiers, with the assistance of the National Opera Assistenza Orphan Militari Arma Carabinieri).

The ceremony, presided over by military chaplain Don Giuseppe Grigolon and parish priest Don Eugenio Savino, witnessed the intervention of military officials on duty and on leave from the Provincial Command of Rimini. The day, which for the army is a “moment of reflection observed in memory of the many Carabinieri who lost their lives in the epic ‘Battle of Culqualber’ on the same day in 1941”, reads the note. During World War II, Italian troops stationed in East Africa, despite being battle-worn, managed to reinforce a vital fortress and managed to capture the honor of arms from the enemy army. “Indomitable bravery,” the note continues, “was represented by the sacrifice of the Carabinieri of the 1st Battalion and the mobilized Zaptié, for which the flag of the Carabinieri was awarded a second gold medal for military gallantry.

On the occasion of the ceremony, Colonel Ruggero Gerardo Rugge, Provincial Commander of the Carabinieri of Rimini, addressed a touching thought to all the Carabinieri who lost their lives in the line of duty and left an insurmountable void in their loved ones and in all their colleagues. with whom they shared the service. Several family members of the deceased carabinieri living in the area also attended the ceremony.

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