“Cetra una volta” opens the Antei Theater season

Arezzo, November 20, 2023 – The performance of CETRA UNA VOLTA by Toni Fornari will take place on Thursday, November 23 (21:00) with Stefano Fresi, Toni Fornari, Emanuela Fresi and Cristiano Polegri, opening the new season of Teatro degli Antei , supported by Fondazione Toscana Spettacolo and the municipality of Pratovecchio Stia, which already recorded a record this year with 226 already prepaid subscribers, which confirms the high quality of the programs on the account.

The vocal trio Favete Linguis, composed of Stefano Fresi, Toni Fornari and Emanuele Fresi, accompanied by saxophonist and vocalist Cristiana Polegri, presents an amazing concert show that aims to be a tribute to the most famous quartet on the Italian stage and on television from the 1990s to the 1980s. years: Cetra Quartet.

The music, songs and unforgettable skits of the unforgettable quartet are brought to life by three exceptional performers who present an explosive concentration of skill, sympathy, bel canto and draw the audience into the shining era of the great television variety shows. Stefano Fresi, Toni Fornari and Emanuela Fresi interpret all the most successful songs and perform in hilarious musical parodies, always according to the refined and elegant style of the quartet.

Director Augusto Fornari thus presents a show that is at the same time a journey between the past and the present, between melancholy and laughter, in the magical footsteps of a quartet that has become a legend. “Do you know the Cetra Quartet?” When you ask the 20-year-old, he shakes his head and makes a disgruntled emoticon. But all you have to do is hum “On the old farm…” and he, with the bright eyes of someone returning to childhood, will answer “ia…ia… ò!”

All this is the magic of Cetra, they are part of your life even if you don’t know it. Their musical legacy does not need to be acknowledged; it’s just there. They entered the DNA of the people and accompanied generation after generation to the sound of unforgettable songs. You can feel the family atmosphere with them.

And it was in the family that our love for them was born. Me, my brother Toni, Stefano, his sister Emanuela, we listened to their songs many years ago. Then Stefano, Toni and Emanuela started singing them first, then editing them, rewriting them, reinventing them.

And here we are at the meaning of “Cetra una volta”: it is not a philological story, not only the story of a group that made history, but an act of love for what inspired us; songs, sketches, musical parodies, gags and above all lightness, fun and love for our profession.

Together with set designer Alessandro Chiti, I wanted to create a stage that would embrace the performers, contain them, and which could be a radio station, a television studio, an album of memories, a theater from time to time. The show will be preceded by a toast at 8:30 p.m. to mark the beginning of the new theater season.

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