Children from Rimini “rewrite” Fellini: “Gelsomina and the Magic Drum” comes out inspired by La Strada

Classrooms transformed into film sets, little girls who become actresses and transform into Gelsomina, make-up artists or set designers, children dressed as Zampanò or busy behind the camera or taking pictures. A long project that lasted months, involved more than two hundred students, and which this morning (November 20) experienced an important final moment of delivery at the Montessori school in via Cuneo.

Today was actually a different, creative and participatory way to celebrate International Children’s Day. The date was symbolically chosen by the city administration of Rimini (represented by the vice-mayor Chiara Bellini, in the presence of Marco Leonetti, director of the Fellini Museum) as the first delivery of the book “Gelsomina and the magic drum”, written and drawn by the children of the Alighieri, Fermi and Marvelli elementary and secondary schools in Rimini.

Children from Rimini "they rewrite" Fellini: comes out inspired by La Strada "Gelsomina and the magic drum"

The publication is only the last step of a multi-year project written and designed by children from Alighieri, Fermi and Marvelli primary and secondary schools in Rimini as one of the educational events coordinated by the Associazione Arcobaleno and Arci Rimini/Cesena in a year of collaboration with the Municipality of Rimini and promoted within the CEET project Network – Culture, Education, Empowerment, Territory. The project, which had different stages, from classroom workshops to a visit to the Palazzo del Fulgor, the headquarters of the Fellini museum, using slow motion and watching some film sequences in the cinema, allowed young visitors to get closer to the work. Fellini and get to know some of his characters, especially Gelsomina, Zampanò and Matto de Street. From this meeting began a journey that ended with the publication of a story in pictures, in which the poetry of Fellini’s characters ignited the children’s creativity.

2023 is a special year for the number of Fellini anniversaries: from the 70th anniversary of I vitelloni to the 60th anniversary of 8½, from the 50th anniversary of Amarcord to the 40th anniversary of E la nave to the 30th anniversary of the Oscar for Lifetime Achievement and the director’s death. A filmography that has become part of Rimini’s DNA: working on these anniversaries also means thinking about the city’s imagination through the eyes of its future.

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