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A delicious and easy recipe
Ifood Avocado Cookies

Do you have an avocado and don’t know what to do with it? No fear. With a little chocolate, you will make it irresistible.

EatAs well as boiledit must be an authentic delight in every way a point of view. Let’s remember that get to the stove preparing something good for us is authentic an act of lovetowards us and ours boarders. And now that we are close to Christmas holidayswill undoubtedly be more and more.

Let’s remember that share a meal it is also a half is one sharing tooland let’s talk about one actual and physical sharingnot that one virtual which we practice today with social media whose platforms swarm like mushrooms on a meadow after a rainy day.

This is a very difficult cliché that needs to be rigorously broken down sweets are bad for youespecially if we are on a strict diet because they are the number 1 cause of arrival extra kilos. Nothing more poorly. Certain you shouldn’t overdo it with their consumption, as it should never be done any salty food.

We must be aware of the fact that too much always cripples. In addition, there are several very simple recipes low cost which allow us to create tasty without attacking our shape. So we can eat it, even if we follow a rather strict diet. Today we guide you with a recipe for cookies to chocolate and avocadowhich are a real treat.

Chocolate and avocado brownies

Before will tell you the recipe which, we repeat, it really is very easy put into practice as well as very quickly, we tell you Very few ingredients will be needed prepare it even in your kitchens, if you are not wizards in the kitchen and you don’t like spending time in the kitchen with hands in the doughas they say

In addition, we remind you that Chocolate does not make you fat and itor strictly dark it is also highly recommended in diets. We have to clarify here as well you shouldn’t overdo it in quantity and that a few dice, apart from health problems, never hurt anyone. It is therefore better to focus on hot chocolate.

A delicious and easy recipe
Ifood Avocado Cookies

Continue to prepare

Going back to our recipes, we can tell you what you need in terms of ingredients. 150 g of ripe avocado, 3 spoons of sugar, 250 g dark chocolate, 65 g of flour. Put everything in a blender and blend until smooth to obtain a compound Absolutely homogeneous and we put it in one small baking pan.

Let’s sprinkle it coarsely chopped roasted hazelnutsbake in a preheated oven 180° for about 20 minutes. After the cooking time has elapsed we turn off the ovenremove from the oven and let cool chocolate and avocado brownieswhich will then be consumed strictly on room temperature.

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