Christmas recipes for the hot air fryer: you save time and don’t get dirty –

Here are some quick and easy Christmas recipes that you can make using an air fryer that will not only save you time, but also clean up the mess. You just have to discover them!

Today we want to suggest you some recipes that you can prepare for the holidays, but with the help of an air fryer, an indispensable device that allows us to prepare many sweet and savory recipes.

Christmas recipes for the hot air fryer save time and do not make a mess
Prepare recipes for Christmas with an air fryer, save time and don’t get dirty Ricettasprint

You fry and nothing gets dirty, a revolutionary appliance, everyone will want it, no one can make it at least now, it is present in many kitchens. The cooking of the food will be perfect, crispy and dry. Let’s take a look together at the recipes that need to be followed step by step.

Recipes for Christmas: use the deep fryer

Today we will suggest several recipes that you can prepare for the holidays using a deep fryer. Of course, we cannot list them all, there would be many of them, but the ones we suggest will be right for you.

Air Fryer Fried Eggplant Recipesprint
Air Fryer Fried Eggplant Recipesprint

Mussels are usually served with pasta, but if you want to serve an appetizer to different parties, how about this fried mussels? The preparation does not take too long, if you fry them in a deep fryer, you will make a great impression, they will be crispy and not greasy, click here for the full recipe.

We’re still sticking to appetizers, how about that fried provolets, but not fried? They are very good, you can’t resist so many goodies, one leads to another, put them in the fryer and they will be ready in a few minutes. Click here for the full recipe.

Add fried vegetables such as zucchini and eggplant to the provolette, they will go well with the appetizer. For them fried eggplants in the deep fryer you can find the recipe herewhile for zucchini click here and we won’t let you down. Since it’s artichoke season, if you don’t like the classic potato version, Try thisthe artichokes will be so crispy that they will crunch.

Fried anchovies, Raise your hand if you don’t love them, impossible, today we’re going to tell you how to make them in a deep fryer, you won’t get dirty, you won’t have oil splattering all over your kitchen. In addition, the smell of fish will not spread in the kitchen. Let’s see together how to prepare them.

For lovers prawns, how about making skewers? They are cooked directly in the deep fryer, my goodness, they are excellent, I prepare them often, not only for Christmas, because I don’t mess anything up. Click here for the full recipe.

Finally, classic fried potatoes cannot be missing on the table, the classy little ones will ask you for them, how about trying a version Crips? They will crunch at the first bite, Click here for preparation.

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Let’s move on to air fryer desserts

If you want to entice everyone, how about preparing them donuts? No one imagines that you are enjoying them between raffle and the other, everyone will love them, if you want, you can add Nutella or coconut cream in the middle and it will be great. Click here for the full recipe.

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Finally, the dessert that everyone expects, a soft cake with a wonderful center, a delicacy that you can enjoy even on Christmas Eve, when you don’t really feel like panettone and pandoro. Click here for the full recipe.

Deep Fryer Chocolate Cake Recipesprint
Deep Fryer Chocolate Cake Recipesprint

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