Coffee grounds, free cosmetics for your beauty if you reuse them in these 3 ways

From a darkening hair mask to an anti-dark circle treatment: Here’s everything we can do for our beauty by reusing coffee grounds

The coffee it is one of the most popular and appreciated drinks in our country, and although the use of machines that work with capsules or pods is becoming more and more widespread, many people still do not give up coffee made from good old mocha.

If you also belong to the group of “nostalgics” who prefer to use a traditional coffee machine, you know that it is possible reuse coffee grounds for your beauty care? In this article, we offer you some useful advice.

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To exfoliate the skin

To create a gentle peeling with which exfoliate the skin of the face and bodyjust grind the coffee grounds into a powder and add a few spoons of olive oil or almond oil.

While coffee has an energizing and toning effect on the one hand, the presence of oil will serve to soften the skin, eliminate possible calluses or local dryness.

For a more “aggressive” effect, for example on the skin of the feet, we can add coarse salt or brown sugar to the mixture.

To remove dark circles

With coffee grounds we can create a regenerating facial mask, which will help us blow out bags and dark circles under the eyes. Add a few drops of honey and very little hot water to the ground coffee grounds and stir until you get a smooth cream without lumps.

Let the mixture rest in the fridge for half an hour before use: the low temperature will help remove the signs of fatigue on our face.

Then all you have to do is spread the mask in the area under the eyes with your fingers and leave it on for about ten minutes before rinsing it off.

To darken hair

Finally, we can reuse the coffee grounds to create a nourishing and darkening hair maskwhich will make our hair softer and brighter: coffee is often used to dye paper and fabrics, and even the base for its preparation has the same coloring properties.

Grind the coffee grounds in a bowl and add a few spoons of cocoa. Add very little hot water to the two powders and mix until you get a thick and compact cream.

We complete the mask by adding a little of our usual conditioner. Now we can apply the mask to freshly washed and still damp hair and leave it on for at least an hour (we keep the hair in a shower cap to retain moisture).

After this time, it is enough to rinse the hair with warm water and proceed to the classic drying: hair obtains copper shades in a completely natural way, without the use of chemical dyes.

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