Colors for medium haircuts: 24 designs to choose from

Lots of trends for those who want to try a new shade for the end of the year. Here are the best colors for medium hairstyles

Want to try a new color and start 2024 with a new look? Be early: here it is 24 colors for medium haircuts (from lob to medium pixie) to choose from.

Colors for medium hairstyles: ash blonde

THE hair ash blonde they have a great advantage: they adapt to every type of haircut, from a pixie cut to wavy and very long hair. Needless to say, like many colors, ash lends itself well to being mixed with other shades of blonde, and often works best on layered hair – especially wavy hair.

Chocolate salted caramel

This nuance has the ability to illuminate the lengths without creating artificial contrasts, especially if you choose the technique Chocolate balayage which warms the hair with a beautiful three-dimensional effect.

Colors for medium hairstyles: ice blonde

The cold blonde It can brighten up the face a lot, so it is suitable for different skin types, even lighter ones. In addition, it lends itself very well to creation refined appearanceespecially when the whiteness combines pearly shades with warm highlights for a full effect at the roots.

Pastel pink between colors for medium cuts

THE pastel pink hair blondes are a glam alternative to light blondes. It definitely suits fair skin tones, preferably cool. As the shade darkens and loses its pastel hue, the shade adapts to darker and warmer skin tones.

Platinum pink

If you can’t decide on the right shade of pink, proceed exactly as you did with the blonde shade. Platinum is certainly one of the most elegant shades.

Colors for medium hairstyles: wisteria

Another color that is back in fashion and also seen in the latest Salone collections is wisteria, which you can choose for all lengths, including the medium pixie cut.

Copper red

The copper variant is the most charming for winter 2024.

Butter blonde

They are also coming back in style butter blonde haira very light blonde shade that blends and takes on the ice blonde trend but in a much more pronounced way, warm and cold shades, without going too honey blonde or platinum. It is a “subtle” color that resembles the color of butter and which has a basic goal: to add radiance to the face.

Milk tea hair

Icy mixture of cream shades.

Massive highlight

Bringing the magic of the nineties back to life.

Living roots

A blocking color that highlights the roots. Perfect on a fluffy bob.

Green hair

Black with undergrowth green shades.

Baby Bob

The brightest light brown bean there is.

Golden rose

Warm pink version.

Pink curls

A version for those with super curly hair.

Color blocking

For those who like to dare.

Dark coffee

For those who love darker and more intense shades of brown.

Brown mushroom

The inspiration for this color is the shades of the undergrowth, in their cooler variations. We actually start from a brown, dark or medium base and add highlight ranging from light ash brown to dark blue and gray.


The return of silver to medium length hair for a stronger version of platinum blonde.

Pearl blonde

Another decidedly glam variant of the classic platinum blonde.

Black with red hues

Dark red along with chocolate or purple are the right nuances to lighten a dark foundation.

Strawberry blonde

Strawberry blonde hair is back! Give your blonde hair a more vibrant twist by choosing copper highlights.

Multidimensional brunette

You play with two or three different shades that give the hair movement, with a neutral or faceted base.

Rainbow hair

TikTok and Instagram beauty addicts know this well: it’s time for a comeback rainbow hair rainbow hair. There are those who choose them bright colorsthose who prefer more opaque nuances and so have embraced the trend opal hair. It is important, as always, to create a wow effect that best reflects our personality.

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