Craving for strudel, but we make pasta at home. It’s very easy and the strudel is not made from puff pastry –

Craving for strudel, but we make pasta at home. It is very easy and strudel is not made from puff pastry, so we will prepare the original one.

The strudel is a classic Northern European dessert and today we’ve brought it back in many guises, both savory and sweet. The original strudel is an apple strudel with lots of cinnamon flavor and aroma and a delicious sprinkling of powdered sugar. Well, today we tend to make puff pastry strudel quickly, but that’s a mistake.

Wrap dough

Today, with our recipe, we want to spice up delicious, original pasta, prepare a strudel that is a strudel and not a revision, as we often do. The process is very easy, it takes very little time and the ingredients are also easily available, so open the fridge and the pantry, let’s try to make it together, you will find it there waiting to be used.

Original strudel dough

The originality of things makes them unique. It’s true that many times adaptations work just as well, but we don’t always prepare things as they are. Here, the dough for making the original strudel is very simple, so we can also avoid a repeat visit and go straight to the original.


200 g of flour

1 egg

20 g of peanut oil

70 ml of water

Craving for strudel, but we make pasta at home. It is very easy and then the strudel is not made from puff pastry. Method

View? a few simple ingredients, take a large bowl or work on a work surface and make a well in the flour, lightly salt and add the egg in the center, mix lightly and also slowly add the peanut oil and water and mix all the ingredients to make a smooth dough without lumps. It should be well compacted and thoroughly mixed. Once we have made a smooth dough, we let it rest for about twenty minutes and then we start working.

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How to make strudel dough

We roll out the dough, remember that it takes a long time to work, after rolling out we can start filling. Of course, the sweet strudel includes the classic filling of apples and brown sugar with pine nuts and sultanas, walnuts and cinnamon. The secret of strudel is that it has no secrets. It is very easy and we can actually prepare it whenever we want. You have seen that strudel dough is very easy, although sometimes things seem much more complicated than they really are. The strudel must be well rolled and baked at 180 degrees for about 35 minutes, regardless of the filling you will make.

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