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Damiano Carrara
Damiano Carrara – IFood.it (photo on Instagram)

He was forced to flee the land of his birth and contrary to what one might think, nothing and no one stopped him. What a sad situation.

He knew it would be a difficult step, but he felt obliged to do so because I was convinced that Italy was no longer for him. It wasn’t actually there nothing worth staying for and no one to hold himso one day he went away and left the beautiful land.

He didn’t know exactly what he was going to do there. he must have had many doubtsbut he knew it he could pursue his biggest dream outside, because he couldn’t do it where he was. He had a free ride, but in a sector he didn’t like one day he took a plane and left.

Who knows how things would have turned out if he hadn’t made that choice. Maybe he would become an expert in the field, but hardly he would be as happy as he is today. In fact, today Damiano Carrara is doing his dream job and he devotes every day to making pastries, his greatest passion.

However, it couldn’t have been easy for him to give up everything and go try to realize his dreams far away from where he grew up. But in the end he did it.

A tough choice

Thanks to this choice of Damiano Carrara he was able to turn his dream into reality and little by little he made his way into the world of baking until he got to where he is today. But do it it was not easy at allespecially at the beginning.

Taking the first steps into this world while living away from home, Damiano Carrara he had to do other jobs, including bartending. But when he then began to deal with the production of pastries, he was able to devote himself completely to this dream and turn it into his main profession. But this is where he had to go to make it happen.

New York – IFood.it (photo by Depositphoto)

Forced to leave to pursue his dream

To follow his dreams and become a pastry chef, Damiano Carrara he had to leave Italy and come to the United States. He just had to 19 years when he decided to do so and secured a certain job in Italy, why he was hired as a full-time metal worker. However, it was very different from the one in his dreams.

But unfortunately at that time, Italy did not give him the opportunity to realize his dreamso in the end she had to go outside to look for it.

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