Dark red lipstick: what’s new and how best to apply it

Dark red lipstick will add character to any beauty. Here’s how to best wear it at any time of the day

The dark red lipstick it is a color much loved by designers and make-up artists, as evidenced by the latest Milan fashion shows. In general, the best way to wear it is to start with the right shade, which can be chosen according to your own skin and the colors of your face. For them Light skin with cold and pink undertones, green light for dark and very dark colors with cold and bluish undertones. For those who can medium skin and olive skin, a dark red lipstick with a yellow or brick red undertone will be ideal. Then there it is selection based on texture. As for the finish, we recommend choosing matte lipsticks, if you have full and well-hydrated lips. Who has very thin lips and/or marked, you will do well to favor bright and solid surfaces. Simple, right? Good: put these “rules” aside if you don’t think they’re right for you. In our opinion, the best color (and also the treatment) is often a matter of mood and is much more important apply lipstick well highlight the contour of the lips and finally the face as best as possible.


How to apply dark red lipstick

Applying dark lipstick perfectly can seem tricky. Spoiler: it’s not, especially after the first few tries. In fact, you just need to follow a few precautions (which makeup artists know very well) to be safe. For long-lasting makeupIn fact, lips need to be soft and hydrated to ensure accurate application. The “weak point” of dark lipsticks is actually smudging, which is much more noticeable than with a light shade or lip gloss. Here are some simple steps how to apply dark red lipstick.

  • Peel: foundation is essential for dark lipsticks. That’s why it’s good to exfoliate your lips regularly with an ad hoc exfoliator.
  • Moisten: moisturize your lips daily with a product like lip balm. Always remember to wipe your lips before applying lipstick.
  • Apply the base: a lip primer is highly recommended for those with even slightly dry or chapped lips. It allows you to “smooth” the base on which the lipstick will be applied.
  • Color the base with lip liner. Choose it in the same shade as the lipstick – or neutral – and apply it all over the lips before the lipstick to increase its hold.
  • Use a brush: applying lipstick directly to the lips may run the risk of leaving small areas without makeup that are visible if the color chosen is dark.
  • Ensure: for evening fixation, equip yourself with a transparent powder that you apply to your lips.

If you are ready to try a dark red lip makeupchoose the dark red lipstick that’s right for you from these suggestions (below the gallery with some lip looks that inspire you).

Dark red lipstick: products to try

Rouge Hermès Edition Limitée Automne Hiver 2023 Rouge Abysse 84

Elegant burgundy with a touch of cobalt, authentic sun rays at night.


Revlon Colorstay Satin Ink in Partner in Wine

The surprisingly comfortable and brilliant liquid lipstick lasts 16 hours. Based on vitamin E and blackcurrant seed oil, non-drying.


Nice 3D lipstick

An ultra-blendable stick lipstick with a semi-matte finish and a creamy and comfortable sensuality, it glides on the lips and releases intense, buildable and long-lasting color.


Cream lipstick RGB LAB Hydra Boost 03

With a creamy, comfortable and elastic texture, it guarantees an easy and pleasant application with a full and intense release of color from the first pass.


Kiss Fiercely 10 by Chiara Ferragni

This bright lipstick adds intense, shimmering color to the lips. Thanks to him
thin composition rich in pigments, guarantees softness and comfort for the result
super bright.


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