Diet before Christmas, what to eat to maintain an enviable figure –

Simple and effective indications on how to keep a diet before Christmas and avoid any unwanted side effects.

Diet before Christmas, what to eat to feel good
Christmas table (

Diet before Christmas, what advice to follow? As we know it will be inevitable so we can avoid the big family tables, it will be better to try and keep it low in the days leading up to Christmas Day.

If we don’t do something, we don’t diet before Christmas or we overdo it anyway, we will find ourselves with extra pounds after January 6th. And also with excessive exposure to food-related pathologies such as diabetes, obesity or high cholesterol.

We don’t want all of this. We don’t want to gain weight and we don’t want to deal with diseases that could arise from repeating bad habits in the long term. That is why a pre-Christmas diet could be for us, even a fast one.

Its execution will not require anything demanding. And this will allow us to always stay full without ever giving up anything. In fact, the first thing you need to do is avoid fastingwhich never leads to anything good.

Diet before Christmas, how to behave

Diet before Christmas, what to eat to feel good
Fruits and vegetables (

But we still eat lightly or in a controlled manner. Before the holidays, we try to avoid anything that is not nutritionally necessary, such as sweets and fried foods or packaged industrial foods. And let’s be very careful with sugar and salt.

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Preference should be given to fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, pasta or rice in reasonable quantities, fatty fish, legumes, dried fruits..all foods that are rich in fiber, antioxidants and vitamins.

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A healthy herbal tea, for example with ginger, lemon, dandelion, fennel… or even chamomile, will help us rest better in the evening. And we drink lots and lots of water. The more we do, the better it gets.

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Finally, one more valid advice: and get some exercise at the same time. Let’s exercise our legs and lungs by just walking for half an hour, which is not too slow. All this will help us feel great both before, during and after the holiday.

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