Do you suffer from nervous hunger? There is a children’s rule and this is how you solve the problem –

Stress can become a trigger for unpleasant factors, such as the presence of nervous hunger, which forces us to eat more and more… but have you ever heard of the children’s rule?

There can be many stress factors that can come from work, too hectic life or an agenda that always runs faster than us.

Nervous Hungry Kids Rule - RecipeSprint
Nervous Hungry Kids Rule – RecipeSprint

The release of this energy with a strong nervous charge is released in different ways, in most cases we are faced with an excess of hunger that forces us to taste much more things than our body actually needs, but we can correct this with some practical and useful advice.

What are the symptoms of nervous hunger?

Contour symptoms of nervous hunger it can be much easier than we can actually imagine… in these particular times many of us find that they are more they are attracted to showery and high-calorie foodsalmost as if they could compensate for an exaggerated emotional state.

In addition, we realize that we are getting more and more hungry almost non-existent feeling of satiety. When these particular periods become longer, we realize that we have gained a little more weight than we should, and therefore we have to recalibrate our day so that our diet is not influenced by stress or even excessive hunger and silences the need for food. with some helpful hints.

Nervous Hungry Kids Rule - RecipeSprint
Nervous Hungry Kids Rule – RecipeSprint

Use the child at the table rule

Pay attention to your child’s daily attitudes, you will immediately notice that even in the field of food he relies on his instinctsThe younger they are, the more their biological clocks seem to be perfectly regulated nutritionally, habits that then disappear in adulthood.

So the first thing you need to do is learn how to do it listen to your body from this point of view as well. The moment you feel the need to fill the void in your body, in this case your stomach, stop for a moment to understand whether it is really hunger or an urgent need of a psychological nature.

Nervous Hungry Kids Rule - RecipeSprint
Nervous Hungry Kids Rule – RecipeSprint

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In this way, we could put our body in a position where it really listens to its needs and avoid unnecessary excesses that could have adverse consequences that are not only related to weight gain.

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