Don’t throw away stale flour, it can really come in handy –

Not all expired food should be thrown away, as in the case of flour, which can be really useful if used correctly. Here’s what you need to know.

Every food contains a use-by date, which determines the minimum time by which it must be consumed. The fresher the product, the less time we have to eat it as planned.

Otherwise, dry products give us more time reserve depending on the use-by date, which can indicate the times in which it is appropriate to use them in our recipes, as in the case of flour.

Expired flour: can it be used even after the expiration date?

As with many other foods, flour can be used even after its use-by date. Usually on the packaging of this food you will find the words “best to eat…”, which indicates a time limit beyond the date on the package.

Expired flour, don't throw it away - RicettaSprint
Expired flour, don’t throw it away – RicettaSprint

In the specific case of flour, it is then possible to use the food in the creation of various sweet and savory recipes up to two months after the use-by date. However, after the specified time flour can also be used for other purposesto avoid waste by giving the flour a new intended use.

What can we use the spent flour for?

PUSH stale flourtherefore, it should never be thrown away but used in the kitchen but in a different way than in the case of “flour glue“, the dough from which our grandmothers used to make a glue mixture that made it possible to do many “jobs” at home, even during the holidays. A practical example for understanding what has been said, no wonder, is the use of marten glue to attach the paper mass to the nativity scene and much more.

Marten glue is produced by mixing 400 ml of water for 80 grams of flour and 40 grams of sugar, to which another 10 ml is then added water during processing. The preparation of flour glue is really very simple and we start by boiling the 400 ml in a saucepan and in the meantime we dissolve the flour in 100 ml of water until a smooth mixture without lumps is formed.

Once we have the cream, we add it to the water in the saucepan, which is already brought to a boil, mix everything thoroughly with a wooden spoon or a whisk. We take the pot off the heat and add sugar, which will act as a secret ingredient for a sticky effect that will give the flour glue more strength.

Expired flour, don't throw it away - RicettaSprint
Expired flour, don’t throw it away – RicettaSprint

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When our flour glue is ready, we can pour it into a glass bowl that has an airtight seal, let it cool completely and store it in the refrigerator for a while before using it with just a small brush.

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