Drag Queen: Anastasia Beverly Hills, JLo’s brow brand of choice, supports the rainbow community

Drag Queenshort for Dressed Reminiscent of a Girl it is now a style embraced by men, trans and women. And make-up is a basic element for them to create a character. It’s no coincidence that makeup brand Anastasia Beverly Hills has chosen an almost global partnership with the franchise Drag Race, a talent show created by RuPaul, present in Italy on the Paramount+ platform with its third season (hosted by Priscilla and judges Chiara Francini, Paolo Camilli and Paola Iezzi). Because makeup is for a brand it goes beyond makeup. Her act is almost civil disobedience: yes, because the creator is a woman, she gave her products her name and put her face into civil battles.

Anastasia Beverly Hills, who takes care of JLo’s eyebrows: «I would never recommend microblading to her»

President and daughter of the founder Anastasia, a true pioneer of cosmetics, Norvin Soarealso responsible for marketing, product development and company president, he is now also the face of inclusivity and self-celebration thanks

It’s not just about embracing the queer world, it’s about erasing the labels and reaching out to everyone, in and out of the LGBT+ community. Without differences, without gender stereotypes, through all the colors of the rainbow.

Norvina and her mother Anastasia

Creativity is also among the intuitions of the brand The Golden Ration eyebrow shaping method, a method for perfect eyebrows (also followed by JLo), which then gave rise to cosmetics for the whole face, always looking for innovation and variety. Color harmony, of course, but also the elevation of natural beauty without distorting the features…

Eyebrow cream gel

With their art, drag queens express not only the feminine side in themselves, but above all the right to exist, the freedom to be authentic. And that is its true beauty Norvina Soare speaks exclusively for Italywho met the contestants live in many editions of the show, giving them advice and encouragement.

Tell us a little about how this made in USA adventure came to be.
“Mum created the line 25 years ago, I took on her legacy by developing it in 2012, creating an evolution in makeup. Anastasia Beverly Hills began to enhance the naturalness of her face with contouring and highlighters, which allowed her to take the first steps. The idea has always been to celebrate classic beauty, but with a dash of fun.”

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