Enrico Bartolini, “stabbed” in the side of Alessandro Borghese: he turned his back on him at the best moment – iFood

Enrico Bartolini farewell to Alessandro Borghese celebrity chef
Alessandro Borghese and Enrico Bartolini – iFood.it

Enrico Bartolini and an unexpected decision: this is what Alessandro Borghese had to face in this last television season.

Alessandro Borghese, the famous chef and TV personality, recently launched a new season of his program “Alessandro Borghese Celebrity Chef”.

This new release brought with it an unexpected surprise: farewell to star chef Enrico Bartoliniwho left the program.

The reasons for this decision remain shrouded in mysterybut that hasn’t stopped the public and industry insiders from speculating about possible reasons for this sudden departure.

In fact, many people wonder why Bartolini decided to no longer pursue his passion for cooking Alessandro Borghese.

Enrico Bartolini: that’s why we won’t see him next to Alessandro Borghese anymore

Enrico Bartolini, known as one of the greatest exponents of Italian cuisine in the world and holder of 12 Michelin stars, has decided to leave “Alessandro Borghese Celebrity Chef” program.. This decision surprised not only fans of the show, but also cooking enthusiasts who followed Bartolini’s career. Despite his television success, the reasons for this choice remain unknown.

A possible explanation could lie in the chef’s work commitment, as suggested by some movements on his social networks. On Instagram actually the chef shows his followers his many commitments which engage him on a daily basis and he is always ready to show the goals and recognition awarded.

Enrico Bartolini farewell to Alessandro Borghese celebrity chef
Enrico Bartolini Alessandro Borghese Celebrity Chef- iFood.it

How celebrity chef Alessandro Borghese will change after Enrico Bartolini’s farewell

Enrico Bartolini can boast twelve Michelin stars, collected in total from three from the Enrico Bartolini restaurant in Mudec, Milan, to which must be added two “Glam” in Venice in each with “Trattoria Enrico Bartolini”, “Casual Restaurant”, “Locanda del Sant’Uffizio Enrico Bartolini” and super advice with “Poggio Rosso” by Juan Camilo Quintero in Chianti Classico in San Felice. His presence in the program with Alessandro Borghese was synonymous with great quality.

Meantime, Riccardo Monco was chosen to take Bartolini’s place on the show which will test the skills of two showbiz celebrities who will take on the unprecedented role of chefs in preparing their best tasting menu. This menu must consist of three courses and must be served at “Il Lusso della Simpliicità”, the restaurant of Alessandra Borghese in Milan, to satisfy the possible recognition of the judges and guests who attended the occasion.

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