Fall fruits and vegetables that are good for athletes


Autumn has also arrived on the table with its load seasonal vegetables and fruits who can be rare allies for those who exercise. Although the colors and flavors of summer fruits and vegetables have left us for some time, the autumn season offers us a wide selection of land products that are able to provide the nutrients we need at this time of year.

On the table, the autumn season is not so monotonous, on the contrary, with a careful look, we can use seasonal vegetables to put together delicious dishes, beautiful to look at and healthy to eat.

We pay particular attention to the fermentation capacity of the vegetables and fruits of this period, just imagine FODMAPs it allows us to better control the amount in individual dishes.

Autumn fruits and vegetables

More and more people cannot handle vegetables and fruits at the intestinal level. Someone has excessive swelling after eating, another “runs” to the bathroom, another produces a lot of air, in short, from an intestinal point of view, we are becoming more and more delicate.

autumn fruits on wooden table, close up

In the tables below you will also find references for FODMAPs, but it is advisable to consult your doctor before completely following the FODMAP diet.

Remember that irritable bowel syndrome it must be diagnosed by medical personnel after a series of evaluations that exclude more serious pathologies. Do-it-yourself is absolutely excluded, as it could delay more serious diagnoses.

Note: the nutritional values ​​of carbohydrate content are an average of values ​​from different databases, not only the Italian one.


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