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Fertilization is an essential agronomic practice in grapevine cultivation, as it directly affects the quality and yield of the crop. This agricultural practice has ancient roots dating back millennia and has been perfected over the centuries. Comp Expert contributed in recent decades feed the vine in the world in a balanced and efficient way, with exceptional results both from a quantitative and, above all, qualitative point of view.

Choosing the right fertilizer

Today, vine fertilization is a combinatorial science tradition and innovation produce high quality grapes that turn into extraordinary wines. Fertilization is the process of providing nutrients to plants to support their growth and well-being. In the case of grapevines, it is essential to ensure that the plants are able to bear fruit quality grapes superior. Proper fertilization can affect various aspects of the viticultural process, including taste, color and aroma of the wine.

Choosing the right moment

Fertilizing vines must be carefully planned with regard to plant growth phase az soil conditions. It is common to carry out spring fertilizing to stimulate the vegetative growth of the vine and autumn fertilizing to prepare the plants for winter. is critical avoid fertilizing during flowering or ripening grapes, as this could negatively affect the quality of the wine.

Compo Expert fertilizers for vines

Spring fertilization

During this first phase, the race registers a start nitrogen consumption and then continue throughout the entire developmental phase of the plant. Special attention should be paid to this element, because when applied excessively, it promotes lush vegetation and reduces the quality of the grapes.

NPK Original Gold®

The granular fertilizer that, more than any other, has set new reference standards over the last fifty years is NPK Original Gold® which today is still a reference product in terms of quality and efficiency; exclusivity The isodurium molecule®careful selection of raw materials, low salinity index, calibrated mixing, extreme attention in every single phase of the production process and constant monitoring of all reaction parameters make it a unique and unrivaled fertilizer, homogeneous in composition and granulationperfectly balanced and able to nourish plants in a complete and balanced way.

NPK Original Gold® guarantees one prolonged fertilization, reduced number of applications and reduced rates (and therefore a source of savings for farmers), less losses due to leaching and volatilization (and therefore a reduced impact on the environment). In addition to ensuring high yield quality, research also shows that a fractional fertilization with NPK Original Gold® positively affects the properties of wines: higher content of polyphenols and anthocyanins, musts with a better predisposition to oenological aging processes, better organoleptic properties of wines.


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The new NovaTec series® Duo

Range NovaTec® Duo is equipped with the most advanced and established Network technologywhich increases the efficiency of nitrogen and which is even more powerful by adding a complex of beneficial bacteria species Bacillus. Greater efficiency is ensured, fornitrogenby the presence of Net technology (based on the original 3,4 dimethylpyrazole-phosphate), which keeps nitrogen constant and in an assimilable and effective form for a long time in the form of ammonia and which, together with the presence of microorganisms, significantly improves the productive and qualitative performance of crops.


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Leaf nutrition and biostimulation

Granular fertilization is followed by foliar nutrition, through which it is possible to correct any nutritional problems (e.g. lack of iron, magnesium, manganese) or, on the basis of varietal characteristics, to help the plant to perform at its best. BBCH 13 Compo Expert recommends using BBCH 13 Compo Expert in case of poor budding or reduced vitality in the leaf development phase Basfoliar® Kelp SLnatural biostimulant extracted fromAlga Eklonia Maximarich in phytohormones, especially auxins and cytokinins (11 mg/l and 0.03 mg/l respectively), amino acids (glycine, alanine, leucine, aspartic acid, proline, etc.), vitamins of groups A – B1 and B2 – C and E and other components such as proteins and carbohydrates.

Basfoliar® Kelp SL is useful for stimulate rooting both in new plantings and in vineyards in production to improve nutrient and water absorption. Furthermore, it restores the vegetative-production balance by increasing qualitative-quantitative yields and is particularly suitable for acts against abiotic stresses.


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At the most critical stage, from flowering (BBCH 60) to set fruit (BBCH 71), physiopathologies such as Millerandage and/or bunch laxity may occur; reduction of plant photosynthesis due to abiotic stress or lack of nutrients is one of the main causes of these problems. Intervention with Agrilon® Micro station wagon which he prefers prevention and treatment of microdeficiencies; its composition, based on microelements in chelated form, enables rapid absorption and their subsequent translocation.

To further facilitate this step, we recommend applying Agrilon® Microcombi together with Solubor®DFa boron-based fertilizer in a hydrodispersible composition that promotes the transfer of nutritional elements and increases fertility and keeps the pollen more active.

After overcoming this delicate phase, it is necessary to accompany the growth at the moment of maximum stress, i.e. bunch growth and continuous vegetative growth, so that the plant isas efficient as possible from a photosynthetic point of view. In this phase characterized by strong abiotic stress (high temperatures, water imbalance, etc.) Basfoliar® Spyra SL, biostimulant based on green and blue microalgaerich in natural phytohormones with a balanced ratio of auxins – cytokinins 1:1, amino acids from enzymatic hydrolysis, polysaccharides and vitamins, helps the plant fulfill its natural physiological functions.


(Source: Compo Expert)

In the pre-harvest stages (pre-veraison – veraison), for uniformity of ripening, increase of sugar content, completion of maturation of shoots and buds for the following year, it is absolutely necessary to support the plant with preparations with a high potassium content, such as Basfoliar® Fruit SPNPK product in a completely soluble crystalline formulation, for use on leaves, with a high potassium content (34%) and supplemented with chelated microelements.

Compo Expert recommends during the ripening phase of the bunches to avoid heatstroke, i.e. heatstroke due to excessive sunlight Envelope® White Protectan innovative biostimulant based on talc 553B that acts as shielding effect against harmful radiation which cause the grapes to shrivel, interrupting the ripening processes. Envelope® White Protect also creates an environment that is not favorable for fungal sporulation (downy mildew, powdery mildew, botrytis, scab) and physical barrier against insects (hoppers, Drosophila suzukiipsyllid, olive fly, etc.).

It’s fine after harvest return the nutritional elements back into the soil, to restore the withdrawals that occurred during the vegetative phase to guarantee sufficient reserves for the accumulation of reserve substances useful for the following spring. If it is not possible to perform operations on the leg (due to the lack of precipitation or the impossibility of using suitable preparations), foliar nutritional solutions/biostimulations can be used; more information on this topic is available at the following link: Post-harvest nutrition of fruit and vines: essential for maintaining fertility and increasing qualitative and quantitative performance

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