Financing innovation, an opportunity for the future

Support businesses in transitioning to one greater digitization (and consequently better corporate organization and increased competitiveness), especially focusing on the structure of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, which represent the outline and fabric of the economic structure of our country. This is a profession financing innovation: facilitative measures through contributions (in variable amounts) which are generally non-refundable, which allows companies, including agricultural a step towards the future.

We will focus on the project below Digital business pointdeveloped by the company Italian Chamber of Commerce and which makes available important resources for the modernization and digital transition of businesses, including – naturally – agricultural ones.

When we talk about digital business points, we mean service equipment connected with chambers of commerce and dedicated to the spread of culture and practice the spread of digital in small and medium-sized enterprises (micro small medium enterprises) of all economic sectors. These along with a number specialized sites, forums and communities they give life Network Enterprise 4.0: a real network that accompanies and supports businesses in digital transition.

As part of this project, through digital business points in different territories and at different times of the year resources that businesses, including agricultural ones, can use to purchase consultancy, training and technology services in the field of 4.0. To get these resources, you need to pay attention to notice correspondents, who are published both on individual pages of individual chambers of commerce and on dedicated page of the Punto Impresa Digitale project (challenges, as can be seen from the list, can be named, for example, “Digital Vouchers I4.0”, “Double Digital and Ecological Transition”, “Digital Innovation” and so on).

Browsing the opportunities offered by the web, for example, we find that Chamber of Commerce of Ferrara and Ravenna, from October 20 to November 20, 2023, she opened her own Call I4.0 Digital Vouchers, for the provision of non-refundable contributions of a maximum amount of 5 thousand euros per company, while in Forlì Cesena and Rimini (challenge “Double Crossing”) reaches 8 thousand euros per company. The one introduced by Piedmont is a wider as “Digitalization Voucher for Small and Medium Enterprises” introduced 11 million euros by February 20, 2024, with contributions ranging from a minimum of 4,000 euros to a maximum of 25,000.

The list of available opportunities is still quite extensive and in summary takes the form of a simple model: the contribution paid (upon submission of invoices and any required documentation) amounts to 50% of eligible expenses up to a maximum per company that varies by tender (and sometimes with additional rewards for women or youth businesses, for those with legality ratings and so on…).

For agricultural enterprises, financing innovation is one Big chance: investments in innovation, technology and digitization – we have often repeated this on these pages – allow us to face the challenges of the current market with greater competence and confidence. But not only that: these sources are an excellent opportunity to decide to grow using new tools, modern and efficient.

An example QoC® – Country Notebook® fits perfectly: thanks to these calls, the company can reduce license price by 50% and ensure the support of a true “team of experts” to manage the many aspects related to production, business management, quality and product certification.

However, it is important not to rest on our laurels: if the funds run out, tenders will be terminated prematurely.

Innovation, it must be said, does not wait!

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