Fish for Christmas Eve, but if we don’t prepare the perfect sauce for seasoning, it won’t be a proper party –

Fish on Christmas Eve, but if we don’t make the perfect sauce for seasoning, it won’t be a proper party and we won’t get the same result we were hoping for.

We will definitely not avoid improvising the sauce to flavor the baked fish on Christmas Day. It is true that the tradition of the Christmas holidays comes first, but sometimes we can combine tradition with some of our novelties. I focus on the spices, I focus on the fact that the guests will be able to decide whether to combine the sauces that I suggest or enjoy it simply as it is, as simple as it is baked.

Apricot sauce

I have different suggestions that I can put on the table on Christmas Eve, we can give a tasty alternative so that we can try another, maybe better, or in any case, a special taste. My sauces never fail, I’ve designed them before on other occasions and this Christmas I want to spice it up a bit.

Fish sauce

We can prepare a classic tuna sauce, or dare with paprika. In short, I don’t want to tell you anything, I’ll think about it now and tell you the ingredients, and then you can try it. I like that you have a surprise effect.


200 g of apricots

40 g of sugar

40 g of ginger

0.5 dl of white wine

water 1 dl

salt (you adjust, I’ll handle)

Fish on Christmas Eve, but if we don’t make the perfect sauce to go with it, it won’t be a proper party. Method

Don’t let the sugar and apricots fool you. I served the shrimp with this sauce. My God, how delicious! Let’s get it ready. Cut the apricots into small pieces and put them in a pot and caramelize them with sugar. Add the grated ginger when it has caramelized a little and pour in the white wine (it is better if you choose a fruity white wine).

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How to make an apricot sauce for seasoning fish

let it cook for a few minutes and then add water and cook for a few more minutes. At this point, mix everything with an immersion blender and let the sauce cool down by putting it in the fridge. Choose whether you want to serve the fish cold or at room temperature or hot, and according to your choice you determine the temperature of the sauce, i.e. whether you leave it longer or less in the fridge. Try it and then tell me!

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