Florence celebrates 40 years of “Io, Chiara e lo rosso” by Francesco Nuti

Florence, November 23, 2023 – Una pay tribute to Francesco Nuti in the evening and underline all the audience’s warmth towards him with the actor and lifelong friend as a guest. Sunday 26th November from 20:00 in the historic Saletta Carlotti recreation club on April 25 at Via Bronzino 117 a special evening is coming with 40. “Me, Chiara and the Dark One.”, full of stories, anecdotes, memories to pay tribute to Cecca. It will be Antonio Petrocelli, the guest of the evening will be one of the most famous actors of Italian cinema, who worked alongside Nanni Moretti and Paolo Sorrentino, who will talk to us about his relationship with Francesco Nuti, who worked alongside him in six cult films. Before the screening, there will be a conversation about Nuti’s cinematic poetics and his artistic journey as someone who was a star of Italian cinema. All his comedies were born from a gentle spirit and from a boy who wanted to tell the story of the Italian province in his own way by telling the truth in his films, and this was the secret of his success, so much so that for ten years he was the Italian actor who earned more than anyone else… As always the evening will be preceded by a themed first course of lasagna with “Tuscan” ragout and red wine… also great news, on Saturday December 9 at 10 a.m. a new film tourism initiative “Visit Florence in the places of Francesco Nuti” with a guided tour that you can take on foot, among 20 places where you can visit the city and watch the funniest scenes of his films: from his debut with Giancattivi to Caruso Paskowski, from women with skirts to Io Chiara e lo Scuro. Information and reservations can be found at www.contemascetti.it/gustosevisioni Maurizio Costanzo

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