Florence, the theater will board the wagon. Carriage 10 departs with evening shows

Florence, November 14, 2023 – La Carriage 10 departs with dinners. The bistro carriage of the Teatro Comunale di Antella travels through the kitchen in time and around the world, from November 16 to April 14, every Thursday from 7:30 p.m. The first stop on Carriage 10 is ancient Rome with the recipes of Apicius, who is said to have dedicated his entire heritage to good food. Many have translated his recipes, although sometimes it is very difficult to find the ingredients: flamingo tongues or the famous and mysterious “laser”. For the theater, we are accompanied by a free adaptation of Trimalchio’s dinner told in the satiricon of Petronius Arbiter. The public was immersed in the atmosphere of “fashion, custom, and beauty” experienced by Romans at these lavish banquets at the end of the empire. After last year’s culinary journey around the world, Carriage 10 is leaving for a journey through time this year. The carriage passes through cuisine and entertainment in different periods of history: guests are catapulted into real theatrical performances, accompanied by the dishes of a contemporary housewife. Car 10 passes through six stations with a dinner and a themed show: the first journey through time takes us to ancient Rome with the recipes of Apiceus and the theatrical adaptation of Trimalchio’s dinner by Petronius on November 16. The second in the Florentine Renaissance with the recipes of Michelangelo Buonarroti, accompanied on December 21 by a free visit tour of La cena delle beffe by Sem Benelli. The third journey takes us to 18th century Paris with French cuisine and Goldoni’s revolutionary comedies from Il cavalier Giondo, to Gli inamorati and La Villeggiatura. The fourth takes place in the nineteenth century through the atmosphere of F. Mastriani’s La blinde di Sorrento, a companion novel with yellow and dark shades that was a huge success. The fifth journey takes us to a time of war, the audience joins the carnage in a show based on an idea from Vahè Katchà’s La cena delle beve. The sixth and final station takes us back to the present, the audience dines together with the protagonists of Alberto Severi’s new text Il dilemma (The House with a Sea View). In a dinner for two in a house with a view of the sea, in a marriage with a view of betrayal, we talk about love, relationships and food. In addition to making us travel through time thanks to the evening show, La Carrozza takes us around the world on a culinary journey that crosses: Palestine, Cuba, Iran, Holland, Armenia, Senegal, we immerse ourselves not only in foreign culinary curiosities, but also in cultural aspects of the countries visited. Information and reservations www.archetipoac.it, (email protected) Maurizio Costanzo

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