Food collection, 58 thousand kg of products collected in the province of Rimini

During the 27th day of the Food Collection, which took place last Saturday, November 18, 58 thousand kg of products were collected and donated in the province of Rimini. 1148 points of sale participated in the region, where over 15 thousand volunteers went. The total harvest in Emilia Romagna is 862,256 kg (+9.2% compared to 2022).

The donated products, among those that Banco Alimentare finds most difficult in its daily activity of obtaining surpluses, will be distributed in the coming weeks to almost 7,600 affiliated local partner organizations (canteens for the poor, family homes, communities for minors, listening centers, street units, etc.) , which support approximately 1,700,000 people.

“The collection gesture was repeated for the 27th year in a row, without interruption even during the pandemic. A “gesture” that carries a meaning capable of making people experience and indicate charity as a fundamental dimension of life, as a prerequisite for coexistence capable of building a perspective of peace, solidarity and common growth” – comments Giovanni Bruno, president of the Food Bank Foundation. “Through the food collection, we join the World Day of the Poor, which Pope Francis announced today. We thank everyone, especially the many young volunteers, who, with their support, commitment and dedication, made it possible for such a great sharing and solidarity to take place” – concludes the president.

There are more and more people in absolute poverty in our country: according to Istat data for 2022, there are over 5.6 million individuals, and for the current year, Banco Alimentare has currently recorded an increase in requests for assistance of over 50 thousand people.

We remind you that it is still possible to donate an online purchase on some dedicated platforms: you can see the website for the different ways to buy products and the brands participating in the initiative

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