Football First, Victoria: Sala in the spotlight ahead of Saturday. Halilaj’s ward

After a four-game layoff due to a straight ban in Roncofreddo, Francesco Halilaj is back available for Saturday’s early game at the Bani Stadium in Viserba against Sala (Montanari and Giorgini out for at least 20 days: muscle problem). An important clash with a view to survival: success would see Bianchi’s team stake six points on their opponents, who are suffering two straight defeats (four points in their last five matches).

“It is a match in which we must not make mistakes. In Riccione, against a big team, we were defeated 3:1 and it was the second goal at the end of the first half that doomed us – comments the Viktorie playmaker -. Had the game remained tied 1-0, we could have kept the game open until the end. Riccione was good in not giving us space and taking the opportunity, we were a bit naive to tell the truth and the dimensions of the pitch which was narrower than what we are usually used to, as well as the uneven surface definitely not. Help us “.

The balance of seven points in five games remains. Victoria recovers and is now out of the playout zone.

“Actually, after Roncofreddo’s 3-0 knockout, the music changed a bit. Wins over Granata and Mondain rejuvenated us, a shame about the draw against Sant’Ermete: even though we were incomplete, we should have fully deserved the win and instead we wasted a lot. At 15, we would be in a calmer position, which means we will have to recover the two points left on the track. However, we are more solid, less penetrating in the defensive phase, but we need to grow in the attacking phase, to be more penetrating as a team: the central striker fights a lot so he may lack vision in front of the goal, then the wings and we midfielders have to bring our building block in terms of nets . In this respect, we partly pay for our young age.”

Halilaj’s return will be important…

“I am at the disposal of the coach and the team, it is clear that I lost a bit of rhythm during the match and with the recovery time, the training sessions fell apart, but I have a great desire to be useful for the team, which is equally well. physical profile. Victoria has shown the right spirit and belief in the last few games and that’s what has got to drive us. We have to go game by game, keep the teams behind us at a sufficient distance and also have the ambition to catch up with those ahead of us in the last 16.”

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